10 Best Closet Organizer Ideas in 2021!

If you're working on a fixed budget we've compiled the ten best closet organizers for you this coming 2021. From under bed or over door organizers, to closet organizer shoe storage systems, we have you covered!

COMPONO Clothing Organizer

Our COMPONO Closet Organizer is almost like having extra drawers. You can store clothing and out-of-season clothes such as sweaters and jackets you won't need until next season. Over sized double zippers ensure easy closure and easy open when you need to access your linens, comforters, clothes, sheets, and blankets. 

Closet Storage Bags for bedroom

On the front face of each storage bag is a clear vinyl window that lets you see everything within the bag.

Superior to closet storage boxes, COMPONO's see-through windows mean you won't have to open the bags to see what's inside. Instead, you can just look at the contents visible through the transparent strip. No guessing game is necessary! What a sigh of relief.

The best part is that it is made in such a way that it fits on your closet racks with ease.

If you don't want it in your closet, the double-stitch durable grab handles make this perfect to carry up to the attic or to bring down to the basement for storage. Grab the COMPONO Storage Bags easily with the grab handles strongly stitched for heavier packed clothes. 

You might want to read An Easy Guide to Organizing Your Closet blog to give you more tips on what to do with your clean-up choice!

The COMPONO Closet Organizer Bags comes as a two-pack set where you get two storage bags in one pack. Store extra sheets, blankets, and comforters with ease. You can also store all your extra clothes. This is the perfect storage item for keeping comforters, pillow storage bags, sweaters and linens stored safely and protected from dust.

Closet Shoe Organizers

Looking for the perfect closet organizer shoes? Look no further. Our COMPONO Closet Shoe Organizer for storing shoes under the bed or in the closet. Great shoe holders for when you want to keep everything out of sight under the bed.

Each shoe organizer stores twelve pairs of shoes beneath your bed with lots of space to accommodate everything perfectly without cramping your shoe-style. Larger men's shoes are also accommodated. The clear top enables you to see clearly within the organizers.

compono 2pack shoe organizer

The shoe caddies ensure that you can rapidly find your favorite pumps or kicks and be on your way. This shoe-bag is a twin pack when you purchase one set.

Passionate shoe collectors can worry no more. Keep your valuable footwear free of dust and extremely organized. Most of all, they are one hundred percent visible, there when you need them.Your shoes are kept out of the way, organized and tidy.

There is a durable handle strongly stitched on each bag so you can grab-and-go these bags when you need them.

Shoe Organizer carrying

Oversized double zippers ensure an easy close and easy open when you need to take or put away your shoes. Never has shoe-collection been so easy!

Zippers on Storage Bags

COMPONO Under Bed Organizer

The COMPONO Under Bed Storage Organizer can also be stored on its side in your closet if you prefer. What a great way to keep your valuables out of the way, but extremely organized.

This space-saving under-bed storage containers are great for your dorm or home, and like all the products above, are available in multiple colors.


  • Comforters
  • Sheets
  • Towels
  • Clothes
  • Winter Scarves
  • Gloves and Hats
  • Jackets

COMPONO 2pack under bed storage

The clear top features easy viewing so you don't need to open the containers each time you want to check what is inside them. Tons of room making them perfect for anything you want to store.

The large loop handles are on all three sides. This means that whether you store these under your bed or sideways, they will be easy to access anytime.

COMPONO Over The Door Organizers

COMPONO Office Supplies Storage Organizer includes six-pocket charts for business, home, school, and clothing organizers. It also includes two over door hangers,

This over-the-door organizer is perfect for gloves, hats, and scarves in a closet as well. The best part is that you get a pack of two with just one purchase.

Quality, premium construction lasts an entire lifetime. The cleanable, heavy-duty industrial-grade material is stitched to last.

There are two non-corrosive, oversized grommets on the top for easy in hanging over the door to your bedroom, office or closet.

closet storage hanging organizer

The largest capacity for storage capacity by COMPONO features six accordion-style, large pockets that are perfect for holding paper pages, ring binders, gloves, mittens, scarves. Every pocket has a thick board within it to provide stability and support enough to handle heavy-duty load withing being flimsy.

This makes a great hanging closet organizer over the door. Mount this organizer on any door using the two over the door hangers. It can also work as a wall mounting unit if you skip the hooks and just hang this against the wall on two hooks.

 office storage hanging organizer

This over-the-door organizer is so versatile as it works as an over-file filing organizer, file holder bill organizer, document organizer, mail organizer, filing system and general inbox.

The multiple color options complement most any closet.

COMPONO Closet Storage Pocket Charts

wall storage pocket chartd

This pack of two six-over the door hangers for twenty large pockets can accommodate ten large file folders. Made from cleanable, long-lasting, ballistic nylon with industrial-grade stitch quality, this pocket organizer for over the door or on the wall is guaranteed to last a lifetime or your money back

Made of ballistic nylon easy to clean, there are three big grommets on top of each on to hang this easily. Steel hangers plated with durable nickel eliminates corrosion.

You can organize mail, bills, files, pictures and most of all, children's artwork. What more can you ask for from this large storage capacity wall or door hanger, The perfect place for school papers, scrapbook art, and even art supplies!

Cedar Rings For Your Clothes

ACMETOP Aromatic Cedar Blocks

The perfect organizer accessory, your clothes, and your closet will thank you once you start using cedar rings to keep everything as they should be. Cedar rings for your clothes hangers can work double duty by inserting these in the under-bed organizers to keep everything smelling fresh.

Enjoy the refreshing wood that keeps unwanted odor and moisture at bay. These pieces of cedar get rid of moths, mold and mildew. The versatile size is handy enough to be used in your drawers, cars, shoes, bags and even in your suitcases when you travel! 

Freezer And Refrigerator Stackable Organizer Bins

Greenco Fridge Bins

Beyond using these to separate and stack your food in the fridge, you can use them in your closet to hold socks, underwear, etc. These stackable organizer bins have built-in carrying handles, and allow you to see what is placed in side of them. 

Expandable Shelf

dial industries expand a shelf white

This three-tiered shelf for canned goods can also be used to store your folded t-shirts in a nice display manner.

Drawer Organizer

Chris W. Desk Drawer Organizer Tray

These dividers can fit all your drawers because they are adjustable. They are perfect for pens, utensils, makeup, junk, and flatware, and other items you might store in your closet.


DISCLAIMER: We are the seller of all COMPONO branded products. Other products shown are not ours, but can be found on Amazon.com for purchase.

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