15 Ways to Organize Toys in 2022!

Are you tired of closing the door of your kid's room every time with the arrival of guests?

Well, in such cases, most of the mess is generally caused from their toys being scattered here and there. At times, they play with toys in the living room, family room, sometimes in the bedroom, and at times even in the kitchen. In addition to ruining the aesthetic appeal of the room, not to mention increasing the risk of someone (you!) stepping on a toy, they are known to drive you crazy!

mom keeping toys storage organization

Every parent wants to have a clean house and looks hard for genuine storage solutions to organize the toys. In addition to enhancing the elegance of your home, your kids will have ideas where they can find them easily while playing.

With those headaches in mind, we have compiled a list of our top 15 Toy Storage Organization solutions for 2022 and beyond:

    #15 Start by decluttering - Bring it all out!

    This is a mandatory step. It is impossible to organize toys if you are not aware of what exactly you have. If the toys in your children's room or closet have a lot of small parts, there are risks many of the pieces have already gone missing. Sometimes if you're lucky you will find these pieces in random locations throughout the house, but often they are lost for good. 

    here's a good reference video on the de-cluttering process:

    If you missing parts are not found, often the toy become less desirable to your children, or perhaps useless. In these circumstances we recommended donating these toys to those less fortunate. The donation sites sometimes have matching parts, and it could even be a tax deduction for you. This is also the perfect time to donate those toys and children's books from the forgotten drawers & containers that your child no longer finds interesting.

    Now with the broken and obsolete toys gone, and the clutter cleared from your home, it is time to set a short-term goal. …The goal? It’s time for your children to organize their own toys! No more cluttered toys and books spilling on to the living room floor or cluttering closets.

    So after sorting the toys successfully, you have a specific number of items at your hands that need to be organized and kept in great storage. Now read on to learn how to keep things in order.

    #14 Organize the Toys into Categories

    After completing the decluttering process, you know exactly how many toys need to be stored. While you might consider putting them in a single, communal place, you need to ask yourself if it’s the right solution? The reason this is important is often you might end up cluttering that new space all over again, particularly if there is no clear owner of that area.

    Want to know how to organize toys into categories so that they stay clean and tidy for good? Watch this video:

    Hence, it is recommended to split the games and toys into various categories to make the organization easy and hassle free.

    We recommend starting with the following categories:

    • Video games
    • Stuffed animals
    • Electric toys
    • Board games
    • Toys with small parts (ex: Lego)
    • Books

    And now, for the different storage ideas...

    #13 Use individual Bins for storing the toys

    individual bins toys storage organization

    You can store them in individual boxes, with clear label tags on each storage bin, so that you and your child know where to place things in the future.

    Pro Tip: Use clip art with images of what goes in each bin for those too young to read.

    You should opt for a wide array of baskets, boxes, and bins in a plethora of sizes and shapes. It is recommended to store the toys of each type in one bin. For instance, store all the electric toys in one bin, stuffed animals in another, etc.

    If you are wanting store action figures, Legos, or toys with small parts you can keep them in a tackle box, with the toys in different sections of the bin. The clear bins are a great benefit as your kids can see exactly where the toy is they want without opening the bins.

    #12 Shoe trees

    Shoe trees can also be a smart choice for organizing kid’s toys. You can find these products in most department stores, or any of your favorite online retailers. These products are used by parents and children who do not want a lot of baskets and boxes cluttering the floor, and instead want to display certain toys.

    These make great toy holders particularly for displaying any toy that has a loop or handle on it (ex: play purses, doll clothing, etc.)

    #11 making the best use of a Storage Ottoman

    toy storage ottoman organization

    Storage Ottomans make great solutions to hiding toys our of sight. However, while the temptation is great, do not just throw the toys into the Ottoman in a big pile. First find an insert divider, or separate storage bins that can be placed inside, such that everything stays nice and tidy.

    #10 Use a time-tested Toy Storage Box

    toy chest toys storage organization

    These come in many shapes and sizes with there being larger, and more expensive wood Storage Boxes, all the way to light weight Storage Boxes created from fabric. A Toy Chest is a great way to have your child ensure that they’re placing their toys away in an organized manner every time that they play.

    We absolutely love toy chests as a solution that can stay in your child’s room to keep things neat, but also act as a great decorative piece for the room.

    #9 Opt for a swing for the Stuffed Animals

    Branch Swing Stuffed Animals Toy Storage Organization

    You can purchase those cute swings and place your stuffed animal on them. These products are available at the local department store or online, and provide a great look in a room for a toddler.

    However, and this should go without saying, be sure that your child knows never to play on this swing themselves. While we love this look, we caution against using it for anyone whose child is old enough to get on the swing themselves.

    #8 A Storage Bag for Toys

    Storage Bag for Toys Storage Organization

    If you do not have enough space under the bed or in any of the closets in the kid's room for toys, you can consider keeping them in any big bag or sack as a permanent organizer.

    You can keep these behind a door in the balcony or room of your kids just to avoid clutter. However, make sure to keep the sack in a place where the children can access with ease. It helps to ensure that the playtime is not going to be a hassle for them. If you do not have such bags you can always look to take this on as a DIY project that you can enjoy with your child.

    #7 Keep the toys on shelves

    Shelves for Toys Storage Organization

    A simple shelving unit is a great solution for providing sufficient space for organizing the toys for the kids in their room. It allows your child the option to display their toys, which helps keep them excited about the toy, and accountable in the process of cleaning and storing.

    #6 Stackable Open Storage option

    Stackable Open Toy Storage Organization

    This is another excellent option for organizing and storing toys. You can use simple plastic racks which are normally used for keeping vegetables. But with a little ingenuity they are also a perfect storage solution to organize the toys in your child’s bedroom. They are generally stacked on one another for further storage maximization.

    #5 Forward-facing shelves

    forward facing shelves toys storage organization

    Forward-facing shelves are considered to be another great option for homes & toy storage, particularly when working in a compact space. They make the perfect use of every inch of the available space. You can place them behind the doors and keep the toys there.

    #4 Rolling carts with baskets

    Rolling cart with basket toys storage organization

    A rolling cart with the baskets are also a perfect choice for organizing the toys of your kids. You may need to add a few dividers in the compartments to make this a perfect solution. You can keep the dolls and figurines in the toy storage lockers, and your child can wheel it in and out of the closet before and after each play session.

    #3 in Wall Toy Drawers

    in-wall toys storage organization

    These drawers are generally constructed into the wall, and are best to be built at the time of your home.  However, if you have the means or access to a professional carpenter there is nothing that beats the cleanliness and solution provided by having an in wall storage drawer.

    #2 Fabric Containers

    Fabric Container Toys Storage Organization

    You cannot find the components inside from outside as you store the toys in the toy chests. It is the best choice if you want to keep all the toys in a single place organizer. Though it might be a mess inside, the outside appearance does not ruin the elegance of your home.

    It can be used as a big toy storage tool to organize the toys. Fabric drawers are also popular to organize toys properly. You can tuck these products underneath the furniture or any other storage space. They are known to be smaller, in comparison to the toy chests. You can hide them anywhere, thereby enhancing the brightness of your living room.

    #1 Storage Cubes

    Compono Storage Bag Toys Storage Organization

    Storage cubes are regarded as a popular choice for home, with a lot of kids' toys. They boast of a larger capacity and come with a wide array of cubes. They have turned out to be the best option for storing big toys without any hassle.

    The kids playroom will no longer look disorganized or cluttered any more as you opt for the above-mentioned solutions. We sell the above storage bags in multiple colors; Dark Grey, Cream, or a lovely Trellis Pattern, to go with any decor.

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