All About Storing Your Footwear

Does it matter where you store your shoes? For some, this question is not even something worth wasting their brain neurons on. For others, however, especially for those who want things to always be neat and tidy, where their shoes are kept is as important as where they keep their clothes.

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cabinet with shoes inside and clothes hanging

Goody Two-Shoes? 

Some might say that the matter of where shoes are stored is only for those who have too many standards for everything. They may even say it’s only for those who have some sort of OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder). But is it really?

Have you ever experienced freaking out a bit in the morning because you’re late for work and you still can’t find your work shoes? That situation is not far-fetched at all. 

Mess Leads to Stress

pairs of women shoes in shoe rack

Another good reason for having proper storage for your shoes is preventing clutter from getting out of hand. When there’s mess in the house, stress is not too far away. Some may think that, ‘Well, it’s just a pair of shoes. Won’t really add much to the clutter.’ Sure. But when you leave that one pair unattended, then you add another pair, then another… What starts out as just one pair can lead to a pile of disarray that could be very difficult to manage if it continues unchecked.

Shoe Rack vs Shoe Organizer

Most homes have at least one shoe rack. That’s where shoes are usually kept, and for good reason: after use, you can just put your shoes there and get them next time you’ll be using them. No sweat.

one shoe rack for your things

But what if there’s a better solution for keeping your shoes? That’s what shoe organizers are for --- an easier, simpler and more convenient way to store your shoes.

With shoe organizers, like the COMPONO shoe organizer, in Grey, Trellis Pattern, and White, you can easily move your entire shoe collection and keep the entire thing out of sight. You can either keep the shoe organizer in your closet or neatly hide it under your bed. That’s something you can’t do with a shoe rack.

Another advantage of a shoe organizer is its space-saving feature. Since you can hide it under your bed or in your closet, that corner or space you use for your shoe rack can be used for something else, or perhaps just keep that space vacant so there’s more breathing space in your house.

What About Keeping Them in Their Shoe Box?

Also a good idea, especially if you’re on a shoestring budget. By putting your shoes in their respective shoe box after use, it would be easier to find them next you’ll use them. Of course, you also have to be familiar with which shoe box contains which pair. The disadvantage of this idea, though, is if you have a lot of pairs, the boxes are going to take up a lot of space. If you stack them and you have a high stack, you’ll have to remove the ones at the top first if the shoe box with the pair you want is at the bottom.

Dropping the Other Shoe

Heard of the idiom above before? If you haven’t, to ‘drop the other shoe’ means to complete or do the final part of something. So here we go completing this post.

Sometimes we may take our shoes for granted, but they’re the ones we wear daily when we go out and they do that vital job of protecting our feet from harmful microorganisms and preventing us from tripping and slipping. For our top 10 Best Way to store shoes ensure to check out this article.

Love your shoes and they’ll love you back!

Get more tips on how to take care of your shoes, click Shoe Care 101!

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