An Easy Guide to Organizing Your Closet

Most, if not all, of us have our skeletons in our closet, which means we have deep secrets that would be hard or embarrassing to reveal to anyone. But what if we literally have some things in our closet that are too filthy and smelly that they make our closet look like an abandoned cemetery? 

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closet full of things

If your closet is a big mass of chaos and disorder and you always have a tough time finding what you’re looking for, then a complete overhaul is in order.

We’ve put together some easy tips to organize your closet and make it look clean and orderly again.

Step 1: Make Time for It

The first order of business is to find time to do the clean-up chore. If your weekdays are full, schedule this task on a weekend. Free up a few hours to make sure you’re only focusing on it and nothing else. Stay away from as many distractions as you could.

Step 2: Get the Storage Containers Ready

storage containers filled with stuffs

Before taking all your stuff out of the closet, make sure you have containers for all your items so you can easily sort them. Don’t just take stuff out at will. Separate your stuff by category (ex. shirts, pants, shoes, jackets, accessories). By doing this, it would be easier for you to compare things grouped together, making it easier for you to get rid of things you no longer need or want.

Step 3: Decide What You Will or Will Not Keep

Stop hoarding. This is what causes closets (and all storage spaces/rooms in general) to become a big pile of mess. Sure, we have certain items we don’t want to part with for sentimental reasons, but there’s a point where we just have to let go of them so we can start moving on.

woman with cabinet full of stuffs

The more items you get rid of, the more space you’ll regain for your closet and the less cluttery it would look. Of course, you don’t have to throw everything you don’t want to keep in the trash bin. Check what you can sell, donate or recycle.

For clothes and bedding you want to keep, you can use storage bags for clothes storage so you can easily put them back into your closet.

Step 4: Have an Organization Plan

what should i do

Since you’ve taken everything out of your closet, this would be a good time to make everything in order again. This is when you make sure that those that were out of place would be in their proper place.

Since you’ve sorted your items into categories (Step 2), it would be much easier and quicker for you to return the things you’re going to keep.

Assess the space in your closet to ensure things are easy to find and therefore easy to retrieve. Sometimes, we get late for work or school because we spend so much time looking for that shirt you want to wear and the shoe pair you want to match it with.

The key is to organize your closet in such a way that similar items are grouped together and putting your oft-used items in a spot that’s quick to reach.

Step 5: Maintain It!

Another challenging part of closet organization is not just the task of cleaning and organizing it so it becomes orderly, but keeping it that way.

woman looking at her clean and organized closet

The key? Put something back exactly where you took it. That way, you’ll keep your closet organized for a longer time since things are exactly where they should be, therefore not creating unnecessary disorder.

Get your closet organization started soon!

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