Cleaning and Organizing Your Workstation: Why and How

Our productivity at work can be affected due to a messy workstation. Sure, there are people who can be more creative and be at their best when things are untidy and disorganized, but a clean and orderly workstation makes you look more professional and increases your efficiency. 

organized and clean workstation

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Why You Need to Have a Clean and Tidy Work Space

Aside from making you look more professional, as mentioned above, having a neat and organized workstation increases your efficiency. It also gives you more room to do your work. Also, if your job requires dealing with sensitive information, visible papers containing sensitive or confidential information left lying around can put not only your job but the entire company at risk.

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Ready to give your workstation its long-overdue makeover? Good! We have some helpful tips to make the task easier to manage.

  • Keep only what’s necessary - Your workstation is not a space in your house, so don’t keep a lot of your personal belongings there. Aside from your personal stuff, there might also be items there that are not really necessary and are just polluting your space. The more unnecessary stuff you get rid of, the more space you free up.

frequently used things to be placed on your desk

  • Put frequently used items within reach - Work can sometimes get pretty hectic, especially when there are deadlines. Make sure that things you often use are within your arm’s reach or at least you don’t have to stand up get them. That said, you still have to make sure that things don’t get in the way or physically interfere with what you’re doing.
  • Have a proper place for your documents - Don’t just leave them lying around on your desk, especially if they contain sensitive information. If you don’t have drawers in your desk, you can get a COMPONO Hanging File Folder where you can neatly put your physical folders containing your documents.

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  • Clean your equipment - It’s only a matter of time when your desk, chair, cabinet, and your computer (and its accessories) start accumulating dust. Aside from dust inside your computer causing it to conk out, dust can also wreak all sorts of havoc to your health. Dusting off your stuff doesn’t take much time, plus, it makes your workstation look all spic-and-span.
    • Clean as you go - Don’t fall into that terrible habit of leaving things as they are when you leave. Be sure to throw your trash away immediately. Your desk might start with just a small crumpled paper on it, but if you leave it there and you add more, your desk becomes a huge pile of trash. Also, if you eat your snacks in your workstation, throw away any leftover food or drinks, along with their containers. And be sure to wipe off any food crumbs or liquid on your desk.

    stack of envelopes on the table

    • Get a bin - This may sound like a no-brainer, but you need to have at least one trash bin in your work space. Getting up every time you want to throw away something because you don’t have your own bin means spending time that could be used for other tasks (even if it’s just a short time). And don’t forget the hassle it’s going to entail.

    Giving your workstation a makeover will not only increase your efficiency and therefore maximize your productivity, but can also be a source of inspiration for your office mates so they can follow your lead and make your entire workplace a great place to work and, for your guests, to visit.

    Owning home office space is every woman's dream, read Setting Up Your Home Office for more guide!

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