Cleaning Your Garage

If there’s one space in the house that usually doesn’t get a lot of attention in terms of cleaning and organizing, it would be the garage. This is perhaps due to the fact that we usually don’t spend a lot of time there. More often than not, the only time we step into that space is when we take our car out then park it back. And that usually just takes only a couple of minutes or so, probably even less for some.

We may sometimes take it for granted, but the garage is an important space in the house that also needs some of our TLC. 

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The Intimidation Factor

woman scratching her head while looking at her stuffs in garage

One of the things that may discourage some of us from cleaning our garage is that garage-cleaning can be an intimidating task and is not for the fainthearted. This is understandable. If you use your garage not only as a parking space for your car but also as a place to store tools and certain types of equipment, just looking at all the stuff there can already be downright daunting.

Start Somewhere

One of the common pitfalls in cleaning any messy space is trying to do too many things all at the same time. When you do this, the whole task could take longer and you may even end up not finishing individual tasks completely. 

woman started pressure washer to the garage door

Start somewhere, and that somewhere is taking everything out of the garage first, including, of course, your car/s. Take out all the tools, equipment, and whatever else is hiding in some dark corner of your garage.

Check the Weather

Since you’re taking everything out of the garage, the only place for your stuff while you’re cleaning would be somewhere on your lawn. And because your things would be out in the open and uncovered, be sure that there are no raindrops falling from the sky as you clean. There are certain types of tools and equipment that may malfunction and may become non-operational if they get wet.

Start Cleaning

cleaning spills on a concrete floor

With everything out, you now have that excellent opportunity of finally cleaning the garage with nothing getting in the way. Clean the walls, floor, ceiling, and all the storage spaces. If something needs to be patched up or repaired, get the job done if it doesn’t require a lot of expertise and funds. It’s a big task, so a few extra hands would come in, well, handy.

Organize Your Storage

woman in the garage arranging stuffs

Put similar or related items together so they’re easier to find. Make use of your storage spaces/containers properly. If more storage is needed, go ahead and add more. Just make sure the additional storage doesn’t unnecessarily encroach into walking spaces. 

If you don’t have space inside your house for certain items like linen or bed sheets, you can get general home organization storage bags and put your bedding there. 

Go through each item and check which stuff you want to keep and which ones can be sold, donated or thrown away.

Keep It Clean and Tidy

facade of clean garage

Doing this chore can take hours and a lot of hands, so this task is not something most people do regularly. If you don’t want to clean your garage more often than you want, maintain the cleanliness and order in there. Keeping it that way will surely give you good returns.

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