Cleaning Your Room in Less Than 60 Minutes

Your phone rings. You check who’s calling. It’s your mom. She says she’s coming over for a quick visit together with your dad just to see how you’re doing. You ask them when. They tell you they’ve just arrived at the airport and will be in your house in about an hour. You start panicking because your room looks like an oversized trash bin. 

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Speed Cleaning

With things done at incredible speeds these days, did you know that you can also clean your room in less than an hour? So even if your parents are about to show up at your doorstep within an hour, you can get your room all clean and tidy in a jiffy and without having to hire a janitorial service.

Follow the tips below to get your room ready if your parents give you a surprise visit or a friend suddenly decides to crash your house.

Tip #1 - Dash with the Trash

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The first step in the tidying-up process is to dispose of the garbage. Whatever you find that needs to be gotten rid of, pick it up and throw it away. You’ll be amazed at how much cleaner your room will look by simply removing the trash. Just make sure you’re not throwing away important documents that you may have inadvertently crumpled. Look at every nook and cranny and even under your bed to check if there’s stuff that needs to be discarded.

Tip #2 - Put Away Your Clothes

If you’re one of those who have that terrible habit of just throwing their clothes anywhere in their room after arriving from work, don’t be surprised if you find your room looking like a post-hurricane laundromat.

To quickly put away your clothes, separate the clean ones from those that are dirty. Put the latter in the hamper (or in the wash) and fold your clean clothes and put them in storage bags like the COMPONO storage bags for clothes. With these storage bags, you can easily put away your clothes quickly and easily.

Tip #3 - Make Your Bed

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Imagine your parents taking a peek in your room and seeing your unmade bed. The words ‘Didn’t we teach you how to make your bed? will be ringing in your ears long after they’ve left. Fix the pillows, fold the sheets, and get rid of any undesirable item you may have placed on your bed.

Tip #4 - Store Your Shoes Properly

Just like your clothes and your bedding, your shoes need to be kept in a proper place, too. You don’t want your footwear lying around everywhere as they don’t just add to the clutter, they can also be hard to find if they don’t have a proper storage place. There are shoe organizers for under bed storage that can be moved easily and can be stored either in your closet or, yes, under your bed. With these shoe organizers, putting away your shoes can be done in a flash.

Tip #5 - Freshen up Your Room

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Open your windows, bring in some light, spray some fragrance around the room. A brighter, cleaner and sweet-smelling room may just be a small thing, but it will make your parents happy knowing that they raised a good child.

And, yes, you can do all of these in less than 60 minutes! Try practicing (and time yourself).

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