Dorm Room Organization - The Basics

So you’re excited to head off to college. You can’t wait to finally experience college life which you and your high school friends have been endlessly talking about. You’re just raring to pursue your dream course and make new friends along the way.

girl holding books with backpack

Your very first semester in college is about start, but you have just arrived at your new dormitory and don’t know what to do to organize your room.

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Don’t Bring Too Much Stuff

Even though your dorm room is your home away from home, it’s a very tiny space compared to your house, so don’t bring a lot of things with you. You have to get used to a daily life where many of the things you have in your own bedroom won’t be there.

mother hugging daughter carrying dorm box with her stuffs

Still, you need to bring some stuff with you, stuff you truly need ---- clothes, shoes, toiletries, school supplies, etc. 

Fitting Them All In

The biggest challenge then becomes trying to fit in all your belongings in that tiny space, which may already have a bed, a table and perhaps even a cabinet. Before moving to your dorm, make sure you give it an ocular inspection so you’ll know exactly how big the room is, how the furniture and fixtures there are configured, and what kind of storage space it has, if any.

bedroom with side table, compute table

The key to maximizing that tiny room is to make use of every available space but still with some remaining breathing space.


Storage, Storage

You need storage for all your stuff, so you need every possible storage space and configuration you can avail yourself of. There are three dimensions in your room --- floor, walls, ceiling --- so make use of all of them. 

  • Walls - Use command hooks to hang some of your stuff. What’s great about command hooks is that you don’t need any tools to mount them. Just peel off the stickers on the back and stick the hooks on your wall. No holes, no mess. Just make sure you don’t hang heavy things on those hooks since they can only hold up to only 7.5 pounds. You can use the back of your door for storage, too. Get yourself those over-the-door shelves or racks as additional storage space.girl putting decorations on her wall in her dorm room
  • Ceiling - Why not? You’re making use of every available space, right? So why not use the ceiling as well. If it’s allowed, you can hang racks from the ceiling so you’ll have yet more storage space for some of your stuff.

If you’re a girl, your computer table can also double as your dresser. You can mount a small mirror behind your table or desk so that whenever you want to do your makeup or fix your hair, you can just close the lid of your laptop and presto, your table is now a dresser!

girl is doing her makeup

Moving into your dorm room can be one of the most exciting times in your college life. Make sure you organize it well so it can be both a cozy and functional private space away from home.

Welcome to college life!


Planning of moving out? Check Simple but Helpful Moving Tips for more list of ways to do!

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