Giving Your Home a Makeover

There was an author who once said that ‘it takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.’ The author of this quote is unknown, but there’s a lot of truth in that statement. Where there’s no love in it, it’s simply a place for people to eat, sleep, read or whatever they wish to do. It’s just a house. For it to be called a home, the family that lives there has to care for and nurture each other and good values have to be taught and practiced there. 

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But what if your home is beginning to show signs of age and decay? It no longer becomes a suitable dwelling place and can be a breeding ground for all sorts of bacteria. Your family’s health would then suffer. 


Time for a Makeover

If your humble abode is beginning to show some wear and tear and is no longer a safe and clean place to live in, a makeover should be in order. It doesn’t have to be a major one, especially if you don’t have a big budget for it. Just make sure all the priority items are given their due attention.

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When doing a makeover, whether it’s a major or a minor one, planning is important. Decide which parts of the house need to be redone and which fixtures and furniture need to be replaced. Does it need repainting? Does the electrical system need rewiring? All these and more need to be considered when planning for a makeover. Of course, make sure that everything you want to do fits within your budget.

To Keep or Not to Keep

One of the most challenging decisions in having a home makeover is choosing which items to keep and which ones to throw away, donate or sell. There are certain items in our house, even if they’ve already outlasted their use, that can be difficult to dispose of. There are mementos that are hard to part ways with, especially if they remind of us good memories. 

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If you have a shed, that’s a good place for things you’re still struggling to totally throw away. That way, you can still visit them from time to time if you want to reminisce about some special moments.


If you and/or some members of the family are great at do-it-yourself projects, get your hands dirty and do some of the renovations yourselves. For example, if you can reupholster and/or repaint your chairs, you don’t have to have that project done by a paid hand. Doing a project as a family is also fun and is a great activity for bonding. 

woman fixing kitchen shelve

There are tons of resources online where you can get design ideas. Or you may have that awesome design idea in your head just waiting to be executed. Your home makeover would be the perfect time to get that idea become a reality.

Maximize the Space

Since you’re giving your abode a makeover, make utmost use of the spaces in your house as you get rid of stuff. Free up areas that are too cluttered. Let more natural light in. Rearrange your furniture. Get storage bags for clothes storage so you can easily store your clothes and move them to any place you want.  

Add more storage spaces in your kitchen and even in your bedrooms. The key is to have space for as many items in your house that can be put away.

Have Fun!

happy woman after renovating her wall

You’re giving your beloved home a new look, so enjoy it. Make it a process that involves everyone. Assign tasks/chores to those who can do them. Things become easier and more enjoyable when they’re done together.

An Easy Guide to Organizing Your Closet can be one of the great way to organizing makeover, read more here!

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