Setting Up Your Home Office

In this age of Information Technology when certain jobs can be done remotely using a computer and an internet connection, more and more people are opting to work at home to avoid the hassles of everyday commute. 

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Aside from no longer having to deal with traffic, which can be very bad in certain urban areas with a huge population, working at home has many other advantages. You have a more flexible workspace, you have improved work-life balance, and you don’t have to put on office clothes, among other things.

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Choose the Right Space

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To set up a home office, make sure you choose a space that is free from distraction and noise, especially if your job requires a quiet environment. Choose the room farthest from the road, especially if you live on a busy street. 

If you don’t have any extra space in your house for your home office, you can use your bedroom if there’s enough space in it where you can put your desk, your chair and perhaps a small cabinet or shelves if they’re necessary.

Plan the Area

As mentioned above, aside from a desk (where you’ll put your desktop or laptop) and a chair, you might also need a cabinet and/or shelves. Try to visualize how you’ll arrange the furniture. Take measurements. 

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Since you’ll be moving your chair around, be sure the floor is hard. Make sure also that there’s sufficient lighting and natural or artificial ventilation (electronic devices always have to be in a space where the temperature is not high as this may cause them to overheat and malfunction).

Of course, since you’ll be connected to the World Wide Web while you work, have an internet cable ready before you set up your things, especially if the company you’ll be working for requires a wired connection.

Organize the Space Efficiently

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And by efficiently we mean making sure everything you need is within your reach. Your cabinet or shelves have to be within your arm’s reach or you can just move your chair to get to them so you don’t have to keep standing every time you need to get something.  

If your job requires you to print out documents to be sent via the post (they still do that?), it would do you well to have a hanging folder organizer where you can neatly put in your physical folders.

Invest in the Right Equipment

Since your home-based job is your bread and butter, it would be smart to invest in good-quality equipment that you’ll be needing so you can do your work properly and efficiently. The basic equipment of course (as if you didn’t know) would include a desktop or laptop, a camera (if your PC cam is not too good), speakers (again, if you think your PC’s built-in speakers don’t have good audio quality), and a modem.

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You don’t have to buy the expensive stuff. There are plenty of choices out there for computers and computer paraphernalia with great quality that don’t cost an arm and a leg if you know where to look.

Working at home, compared to working in a brick-and-mortar office, saves you a lot of time and gas money and offers so many advantages. To maximize the benefits you can get from this type of work, be sure to set up your home office properly.

Cleaning your workspace is important thats why Cleaning and Organizing Your Workstation: Why and How blog can help, read now!

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