Washing Your Bed Sheets

Where do you go at the end of the day as you get ready to head off to dreamland? Your bedroom. And where do you lay your body and forget about the worries the day has brought? Of course, your bed. This is why your bed should be a clean and comfortable place. It has to smell good, too.

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Between the Sheets

Your bed is where you spend your sleeping hours, so everything on it has to be clean. Dirty sheets means there’s bacteria and who knows what else are hiding there. This is why it’s vitally important that your bed sheets are fresh and clean all the time.

unwashed bed sheet covers

Laundry Tips

Let’s go over some laundry basics on washing your bed sheets so you’ll always have a good night’s sleep.

  • Read the labels - Just like what you do before dumping your clothes into the wash, you also have to read the labels on how to wash your sheets and check if there are specific requirements you need to follow. The good news is that most bed sheets can be washed in your washing machine. However, there are some specialty fabrics that would need you to carefully follow certain specific instructions.checking labels of washer button
  • Use hot or warm water - If your sheets are made of polyester blends, use warm water for optimum results. Cotton, on the other hand, is tolerant to hot water. Use the hottest water temperature setting based on the care label. Why hot water? Because it kills a lot of germs, including dust mites that might be lurking somewhere. 
  • Wash them regularly - And by regularly we mean at least every other week. If we wash our clothes regularly, why should we treat our bed sheets any differently? If you share your bed with someone (your spouse or your sibling), you can take turns in doing the laundry chore.bedsheet putting inside the washer
  • Mind the colors - As it is with washing our clothes, be sure to separate dark colors or reds as they can bleed onto other sheets with lighter colors. 
  • Use fabric softeners - Fabric softeners are conditioners applied during the rinse cycle to make your sheets not only softer but also more sweet-smelling. 
  • Hang your sheets outside to dry - Do not use the dryer for your sheets. Hang them out in the sun to dry. In case you didn’t know, sunlight provides certain benefits, including providing a natural disinfectant. Sunlight also helps in making white sheets brighter. However, if you want to keep your sheets looking new, especially colored ones, store them in a dry and cool place.bedsheets hanging outside to dry
  • Iron before storing or using - Ironing not only removes the wrinkles, but also helps in killing whatever stubborn germs or dust mites that might be putting up a fight. Ironing is your coup de grace to their last stand (if we can put it that way). It’s also much easier to store the sheets if they’re ironed. 
  • Store them properly - If you’re not going to use them yet, make sure you store in them in proper storage bags (check out these 2 pack storage bags for clothes storage). The key thing to remember here is to keep your sheets in a dry and cool place that’s free from dust and pesky creepy crawlies.

Washing your bed sheets doesn’t have to be a daunting undertaking. If you follow the tips above, getting your sheets nice and clean will fairly be a breeze. If you sleep 8 hours a day, that means you spend ⅓ of your life in bed. It only makes sense that you keep it clean all the time by washing your sheets properly and regularly.

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