Why children should Organize Toys - Why it's important for growth

Often parents believe their children are unable to perform basic chores on their own, so they automatically jump in and do everything for them. But this is a big mistake! They should let the kids organize toys themselves and eliminate clutter they made on their own.

Although seemingly a little thing, this contributes to forming a child’s personality. It also provides the child with work habits that will facilitate his or her life in the future! 

Mother helping baby organize toys

Read our tips below on how to help your kid through organizing toys or jump straight to the full guidelines listed below:

Teach a child to fish vs. providing a fish

Teaching a young child daily skill requires a lot of time, patience, explanation, and repetition of the same actions by parents. Storing toys away is an especially important activity for young children to learn early. Not only does it instill the necessity to take value in the children’s belongings, but also helps them learn to keep areas clean.

Girl carefully organizing her toys

However, parents all too often resort to the easier way - doing something instead of letting the child take action. While this is the easy way at first glance, in the long run you’re hurting yourself, and your child. It’s much better to teach your child certain skills than to take the action yourself. This is a major contributor in allowing your child to learn that he or she has to perform organization in their life.

A little over praise is good

When you tell your child to do something that they recently learned, always use small tricks of communication. Specifically tell them how big or grown up they are now due to their performing of this activity, and let them know just how proud you are of them! This will mean so much to your child, and the positive reinforcement will only continue to build on the positivity of them taking this new action.

I’m sure we all know this, and while sometimes it’s so much easier to raise your voice when they’re not listening, or just do something yourself, again, this is only going to lead to bigger problems in the future.

Make the child feel valuable

Every time you say, "Let me, I'll..." or "You're too small for that..." or: "It's a job for big..." - think about whether this is true in that situation. If not, you are making a big mistake. This quickly leaves your child feeling humiliated, stupid, or even unworthy in his own eyes, ultimately leaving him or her thinking that there is no way to do something that would make you happy. Ultimately this lowers your child’s self-esteem, and further reinforces you needing to do the most basic of activities for them.

Proud child with organized toys

While our intentions as parents are never bad, not allowing your children to do some chores at home is often the subconscious desire for your children to not to grow up. However, developing addiction, or independence, will not stop children from growing up and we have more control over this than we think. Much of the outcome for our children to grow into worthy, kind, and organized adults falls on our shoulders.

Work to achieve success

Some of the benefits of engaging children in housework are…

  • The ability to establish healthy relationships with others
  • Better ideas of cultivating and utilizing his/her skills
  • Potential for higher intelligence
  • Action taking and independence

organize toys young girl keeping her clothes in closet

Children who do housework and chores are more confident, have greater self-esteem, will be self-directed and motivated to make improvements throughout their own life and will likely have a good attitude towards work. These acquired traits will contribute to the child's success in the future.

Watch this video as kids try to work and help themselves to clean and organize their toys:



Housework empowers children to run a household, and beyond if they choose, in the future and makes it easier for them to move into adulthood. That will not look at obligations as burdens but as something every person has to do to be successful. As they always say, kids are the future of our success.

The child will respect and value work

kid holding chore list with toy organization

There are small jobs in the home that, after a while, parents would no longer have to perform the work for their children. In this way children will acquire working habits and organizing skills, will be better able to appreciate and respect other people's work as well as their own, and they will understand how much responsibility parents have.

However, there is no recipe to success that is applicable to all children. The principle that should be applied to have children become independent and to learn how to work at home must be adapted to each child individually. Giving them time and space to learn the process of responsibility, and depending on age and interest of the child, the obligations they will carry out should be adjusted.

A better future for them

toy organization with child sitting ceo

Today, however, it seems that children do not have as many household responsibilities, and this is not good for anyone. Of course, no one expects a child to completely fix the whole apartment or make lunch for everyone, but doing household chores, however trivial they are, instills a sense of skill, ability to take care of oneself, responsibility, empathy, and respect for others. The sooner they start - the better! The sooner they acquire these abilities it will contribute to ar good career and a prosperous life.

Make the child feel like a part of the community

organize toys with child wearing doctor suit with mom

Encourage your kids to help you, focus on family, and teach how their efforts are good for everyone - turn housework into a game! This way, they will understand that they are an integral part of your small community.

Independence is a very important trait

If you, instead of your children, constantly organize their toys, make their bed, etc., they will always expect it from you. However, you should not blame them when they don’t do what you want, because you taught them this behavior!

organize toys with kids making the bed

On the other hand, if they realize promptly that they need to get rid of clutter even in small spaces, they will be more organized, tidy and, above all, more educated when they grow up. They will not call their parents every time they face an issue.

Your child will not be spoiled

child touching water organize toys

It is a beautiful idea of a carefree childhood, in which children are relieved of all domestic chores. The way to organize toys is one of the few steps that the child will learn. However, the outcomes of such rearing are not exactly the best. Such children, who are unable to tidy and clean their room by themselves, often become spoiled.

As a species, we have evolved precisely because we have learned to help one another, to support one another, to share jobs. Yet, equally important for the healthy development of children is that they play freely - so they develop creativity and hone their problem-solving skills.

Model-based learning

Parents also transfer their attitude towards housework to the perception of their children. If they complain, they hate housework, they put it off - so will their children. After all, children learn by model.

Perfect the skills

kid helping mom with groceries organize toys

The fact that children contribute to the household does not necessarily mean that their freedom is restricted, or their time is taken away. If set up properly, housework can be educational. Organizing is essential, helpful, and fun at the same time. It can also strengthen the family bond while developing children's skills and abilities. Parents can do their best to provide the right guidance and organization while still allowing their children to remain children. Organizing can become part of the routine just like reading them bedtime story in their child's bedroom.

Gain confidence

boy keeping and organizing toys

Some parents do not want to burden their children because they feel that they have too much homework and extracurricular activities anyway. However, giving housework to children is very helpful. This helps the child to mature. Like reading children's books and to know toy organization ideas. Home - accepting children have more success at school. This is quite logical because working at home helps them gain confidence, be more disciplined and persistent, which is how they benefit from learning.

Handle real-life with ease!

It will be much easier for your child to cope with real-life when he or she grows up having healthy habits. This will come in hand as preparation for what awaits them as adults.

toddler keeping and organizing toys

Through housework, children also acquire the need to contribute to the common good through their efforts. From this, they learn that they must perform life's tasks to be part of life itself.

When children participate in household chores, they learn how to organize their belongings in life.

If your children organize toys and put those in the proper storage boxes, after play, without your help, it will greatly contribute to the formation of their personality positively. It will teach that in life they must sort out the clutter they create, whether that is in the form of toys on the floor, an unkempt bedroom, or solving some real problems. Your children will learn to be independent and will not expect parents to help him or her every time.

NOW is the right time!

Although many parents follow the logic that a child has time to acquire certain habits, it is a mistake. Most habits are acquired in the very early years of life, and what a child learns at that time remains for life.

Leave nothing to chance

Apart from the child's care in the future, their environment will be tidy, more organized, and they will plan their life to the best of their abilities. Nothing will be left to chance!

Kids Organized Toy Chest


It is not only a question of whether you will take the toys away, but it is also a question of what kind of person they will become.

Housework helps children learn responsibilities and acquire the skills they will need throughout their lives. Cleaning their environment, even the simple act of knowing toy organization, helps adapt them for becoming a fun-loving community member and a people-person when they grow up. Children who have learned to work at home grow into employees who work well with colleagues and become more compassionate because they know from personal experience that hard work rewards.

Housework is an important part of the development for children because through it they learn to take care of themselves.

Provide your child a Toy Chest that they like, and watch them excel at owning this

What does the obligation mean?

boy organizing toys

How many times without thinking twice have you done your child’s chores instead of them; organizing toys, making a bed, cleaning a kitchen, etc.? If you think you helped them, or yourself, you are wrong! Housework is an important part of a child's development because the child learns to take care of themselves, others, and gains a sense of responsibility and understanding of the meaning of the word “obligation” more quickly.

Make the desired action automatic

kid brushing teeth organizing toys

As soon as your child starts walking they should be taught to remove their own clothes and shoes, brush their own teeth, and arrange their own toys. One adolescence is reached they should take on more and more obligations, with praise coming from you, until these action becomes automatic.

A path paved with habits - a better education

If your child is involved in household chores, they will be far more prepared to organize toys later, and even school work beyond, quickly having them becoming the little people you dream they will become. That is why work habits should be created from early childhood, and the child should continue to work at home even when it goes to school.

Skills play an important role in their development

Children should be encouraged to do as much work on their own. By simply cleaning the storage areas for their toys, keeping their closet properly arranged and school bags in their respective place, they are paving the way for being responsible adults. It cannot be over stated that learning this skill at an early age plays an important role in developing balanced and competent behavior in the long run. Obtaining responsibility and independence as well as work habits depends on the demands that parents place on their children.

boy sweeping on the roof organizing toys

Doing different, age-appropriate housework is highly desirable because in this way parents teach children to be independent and responsible, but at the same time show them they have confidence in their abilities.

Teaching a child to clean its room, pick up toys and be neat are indispensable stages in upbringing. Storage often is at a premium in households with children, and teaching them to learn what is important to keep, and what can be let go of, is another highly important life lesson.

Formed work habits are very important for success in life. Housework encourages the development of a sense of care for others.

Organized toys - Organized life!

young girl organizing lego toys

If a child is messy and does not take care of his or her things, does not know how to use storage for his or her unwanted belongings like stuffed animals and baby toys, in the future it will be much harder for them to acquire proper work habits in a place of commerce. However, if they learn early that everything has its’ place, it will make it easier for them in the future by being able to plan obligations properly as second nature.

Housework teaches children the basic skills necessary for daily life and helps develop basic work habits such as reliability, persistence, and consistency. It also makes children more self-reliant due to parental praise but also a strong family attachment.

Children need to be aware of how the world and things in it work. By eternally storing and cleansing for them, you do them no favors, but enable them to be lazy and one day when all these things are in not in order, and you’re not there, they will have a very difficult time indeed.

They can do it themselves!

kids doing housework organizing toys

Children need tasks. Children need responsibilities. Allowing your child to have some responsibility gives him or her a great idea of how sense of pride and confidence will nurture them. That pride in doing something you asked them to do, and that pride in contributing to something, being a part of a family team. There is no greater happiness for a child than when you praise it and notice how they helped. Simply do not allow yourself to do housework for your child. You are a parent, not a servant! Teach them to do what they can!

Develop their Cognitive ability

If the parent lets the child arrange their toys and keep it in containers, or even the simple act of making a bed, they will grow into a functional and successful person. This will develop the cognitive ability of the child. Even the simple act of a child who organizes toys enables this. If parents strive to protect their children from these obligations, they will not have the opportunity to develop the ability to successfully cope with the ups and downs life is certain to bring. Only through a series of trial and error will the child be successful in the future!

mom playing with daughter organizing toys

Parents should let children learn from their own mistakes. They may not make the bed perfectly, they may not organize the toys as we would, however, over time they will figure out how to do it and understand that they have to respect the obligations they will face in life.

If the parent does everything for the child, when they become an adult they will think that others should make decisions for them, which will create difficulties in everyday life!

If the child does some of the housework or DIY projects, through that process he or she will develop the necessary skills for what he or she will encounter in the future. They will learn to make their own decisions and to accept the consequences of them, as well as to see what outcomes their actions lead to.

Let them begin each day with a useful task

kid keeping soil organizing toys

It all starts in kid's room with the habits that shape the day, specifically from making the bed. At first, this may sound like a harmless thing that, if done, will not bring much, but that is not true. When a child learns to make a bed, his or her day will begin with a successful task doing the child's bed and maybe fix his or her drawers and bins in the future. So this is one of the things that shapes a child in early childhood and also teaches them discipline.

Next a child absolutely needs to organize their toys and in doing so will learn the value of working, even creating a desire for success in the future.

Below we list the things that children need to be responsible for, and  if at the appropriate age, are certainly capable of:

  • Putting toys and books in their proper place
  • Putting dirty clothes in the hamper
  • Throwing garbage in the garbage can
  • Making their beds
  • Organizing their own toys!

children throwing garbage yellow bin organizing toys

If you educate a child in organization his or her character will be strong and they, will become very successful adolescents, and future adults. If parents give their child more independence in work, he or she will be more responsible and make better decisions in the future.

The habits acquired during early childhood follow a person through life as a good basis for further work, first in school, and then in society in general. To properly develop work habits, the child should be constantly encouraged to perform his or her own duties. That is why the parent should let the child organize toys, which in the future will make it easier for them to organize their own life!


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