10 Teacher Hacks for a Tidy Classroom

teacher organizing markers in classroom school

With dozens of students in and out every day, the classroom takes some heavy use. Filled with props and materials for various lessons to be taught throughout the year it is easy to lose control of the clutter. Luckily teachers are a creative breed and the ideas that they have come up with to manage their classroom clutter are absolutely the best.

Color-coded Password Keepers

Do you enjoy looking up student passwords every class period? Probably not, but teaching at a time when the world is dominated by digital media means that students have one more thing to keep track of.

assorted color key tags school

Create a key tag for each student with a laminated card that contains all of the passwords that they need to access media in your classroom.

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A System for Shy Students

cute jar with post-it notes inside school

Not every child in your classroom feels comfortable or confident. Some may be struggling, but not sure how to tell you. Take the pressure off by providing a way for these students to communicate without the pressure of face-to-face. A cute jar and brightly colored post-it notes are fun and enticing for kids.

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Quiet Spray for Early Learner Classrooms

quiet spray on the table school

What is this magical idea? Playing to the strengths of the enormous imaginations of little ones in preschool and kindergarten classrooms, the ‘quiet spray’ is your new best friend. Essentially it is a prop that will grab attention, intrigue interest, and cue the learned behavior of quieting down and getting ready to learn.

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A Wall File for Absent Work

colorful wall file with labels school

Keeping track of what work students miss when they are absent can be a nightmare. During cold and flu season when absences skyrocket, it really becomes a disruption. Start your school year with a plan for managing absent work assignments. A colorful wall file can be used to make an appealing absent work station.

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Easy & Budget-Friendly Charging Station

easy and budget charging station school

There is no need to break the bank on an expensive charging station just because it designed to hold tablets while they charge. An inexpensive desktop file sorter works just the same. We promise!

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Keep Art Stations Tidy

paint and water cups in a tray school

Fast food drink trays are perfect for holding paints and water cups. These drinks trays are already made to hold cups and prevent spills. This application is just a little different than what most people associate these paper trays with.

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Teacher Helpers Get Notes Home

pink paper with label stapled on a bag

Brightly colored paper tags draw attention to backpacks and let parents know when there are important notes. Neon printer paper, a paper cutter, and a stapler is all that you need to pull this one off.

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Another Take on Tablet Storage

tablets in a white tray school

Small dowels and a plastic storage bin is a great, budget-friendly alternative to creating a tablet storage and charging station. If you have a larger number of tablets or are tight on funds, this is a great solution.

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DIY Dry Erase Study Stations

long table with colorful chairs around school

Use adhesive sign vinyl to create individual dry erase mats at your collaboration table. Bright colors work best and add to the classroom decor. Make sure to buy glossy varieties (avoid anything that says matte) to work with any brand of dry erase markers.

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Use QR Codes in Class

qr codes in blue frame school

Make classroom open houses a breeze by providing QR codes that parents can scan to receive all of your classroom information right on their phones. You can also use these for substitute teacher information or in class assignments if your students have access to tablets.

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For anyone who is even in their first year of teaching, you know that there are never enough hours in the day. It is certainly necessary to learn all of the ways that you can work smarter and not harder to accomplish the many tasks that need to be done each done. Lesson plans, prepping materials, teaching, and grading papers take a lot of time.

lesson plan with post-it notes school

Smart hacks to make your classroom work for you will help make sure that you can stay on top of your workload without staying late or taking stacks of paper home each night.

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