How to Organize Your Whiteboard for School?

Are you wondering how you can use your whiteboard in a more organized and tidy manner? Worry no more because you are in the right place.

Not only can you use a whiteboard in school but also in other environments such as offices.

Though technology takes over most aspects of life, the whiteboard has always been a unique tool for visual representation and physical organization.

The problem comes in whenever users use this whiteboard improperly. So, you might wonder how you can organize yourself during these situations.

Young people holding a whiteboard

A disorganized whiteboard can lower performance, motivation, and productivity, which means that an organized whiteboard offers you a wide range of benefits.

If you are at home, school, or workplace, you should always ensure that your whiteboard looks better. Below is a list of all you can do to organize the whiteboard at all times.

Tips on How to Organize Your Whiteboard for School

Arrange in a column all your whiteboard ideas

Here, you need to be aware of the purpose of your whiteboard? It could be to organize the tasks you need to complete or, better still, to come up with a list of reminders.

Woman holding a whiteboard with light bulb drawing

So, regardless of the environment - school or any other place, you should know what you want to write on the whiteboard.

If you are unsure what to have on your whiteboard, you can get some ideas online. Commonly whiteboards are used in classrooms, conference rooms, and many other places.

Below is a list of how you can get started:

  • You can create a list of those tasks that you need to achieve
  • Keep a calendar to help you track these activities
  • Write down your reminder from one that is more important
List of whiteboard ideas around a light bulb

You can create different columns with different time frames to fit all the tasks you need to accomplish.

This method requires you to use sticky notes or markers to stay more organized. You can apply this method whenever you need a reminder of when your tasks are due.

For example, when you have some coursework that you need to submit or maybe some practices that you need to attend.

Therefore, you can arrange all these tasks depending on their due dates on different columns. So, you can move them to their time frame as time goes by.

These are the steps to follow in arranging whiteboard:

Woman writing on whiteboard
  • Creating columns with varied time frames. - You need to develop columns of tasks that you need to either achieve daily, sooner or later. You can use a different marker pen to be aware of those tasks.
  • Note down all the priorities on the appropriate time frame. - You can note those tasks under each column for the time frame you created and decide to write all the functions or only the important ones.
    • Write the due date for each task. - After writing down all your tasks, you will need to write their due dates. It does not apply to daily tasks because their due date is every day. This schedule will remind you of the due date of a particular job to missing out.
    Woman putting notes on whiteboard
      • Moving tasks to correct time frames. - The last step is to move the tasks to their appropriate time frame as time goes by. You can always opt for sticky notes than a marker for more effortless movements. It will keep your whiteboard organized at all times.

      Make your whiteboard a monthly calendar

      Another way to get more organized with your whiteboard is to make it your monthly calendar.

      White board with calendar and marker pen

      You can opt for this method if you already own a whiteboard. It helps you to avoid wasting your board. Here are a few steps to follow to get more organized;

      You will need all the necessary tools to develop a whiteboard calendar.

      It includes a tape measure, ruler, permanent marker, scissors, and electric tape. You will need a more petite width tape and is opaque for convenient operations.

      Try sketching a calendar using a permanent marker.

      Calendar sketch on whiteboard

      You will need even boxes using the tape measure and a ruler here.

      Use tape to go over the sketch.

      You can apply it to the lines that you have drawn. However, you should erase the line before applying the tape.

      If you have thicker tape, you can use the scissors to cut tinier strips.

      Fill the calendar with any tasks you need to achieve.

      You can write the days of the week and assignments due that month. You can use the space at the bottom of the sketch to write some notes.

      An example is when you have an exam on date 5. You indicate on the drawing. You can write them at the bottom for chapters you have not covered yet.

      Make your whiteboard a daily schedule

      Daily schedule whiteboard

      If you have a daily routine that you need to follow, you must make a daily whiteboard.

      You can also opt for this method to increase your productivity. Coming up with a daily schedule can help you maximize your productivity whenever you abide by it.

      It ensures managing all your daily activities to avoid wasting your time. You will follow the same steps based on the method mentioned in number 1.

      The only difference that comes here is that you have different columns with each date of the month and all that you need to achieve on the same day.

      It is similar to the method we mentioned earlier. However, this method appears to be more productive than the monthly calendar.

      You can use sticky notes to monitor your progress

      Whiteboard and sticky notes

      You can as well use sticky notes to keep your whiteboard more organized. It will help you track your progress.

      Therefore, you can be aware of how you are performing. It is more beneficial for those students who want to achieve specific tasks under a specified period.

      Moreover, it serves as a project management tool. Here, you can perform two consecutive tasks and monitor them effectively.

      It is one of the methods you can always follow because you only need markers or sticky notes. Below are some steps you need to follow for better results.

      Coming up with progressive titles for your tasks. 

      Whiteboard on the wall and a bench

      These are the titles that show you the status of your task. You can label them as awaiting review, on hold, new, final edit, completed, and more. You can have as many progressive tasks as possible.

      If you have more straightforward tasks, you can opt for advanced titles; however, they can go up to 10 or more if they are complex. When done, you can proceed to step 2.

      Drawing columns to match your progressive titles. 

      Here, you will need to divide your whiteboard evenly after counting the number of progressive titles you have.

      You can easily divide it when it is in a horizontal position. Since you will use sticky notes to monitor your tasks, the columns should be wide enough for the sticky notes to fit in.

      Note down all the tasks on the sticky notes. 

      Writing tasks on whiteboard  sticky notes

      It would help if you used different colored sticky notes to write down any task you need to achieve.

      Differently colored sticky notes are helpful to create tasks in other areas, such as classwork, practical, etc.

      It makes it easier to track your tasks, unlike using the same colored sticky notes.

      Transferring your tasks to the progressive titles.

      When done, write down all the tasks you need to achieve. You can move them to their progressive titles.

      White board with list of tasks

      You can have them on the last progressive titles if you have completed tasks. So, you can fit any task on that progressive title for any task you have completed.

      It will always remind you that you have met specific tasks, and therefore, you do not need to repeat them.

      Each time you work on your tasks, you should ensure that you transfer them to the appropriate progressive title to avoid confusion.

      It will help you keep your whiteboard more organized, and you can easily monitor how you are progressing with any tasks that you need to achieve.


      Whiteboards are becoming a widely used organization tool compared to many electronic methods.

      Whiteboard presentation

      Therefore, you can keep your whiteboard organized while in school. It applies in school and different environments such as offices, workplaces, homes, and many more.

      Depending on your needs, you can use any above methods to stay more organized.

      So, each time you are struggling to keep your tasks organized, you can always go through the above methods and choose one that will suit you better.

      All the techniques are indeed the best and will make you organized.

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