How to use a Home School Organizer to make Lesson Planning a breeze!

You are taking charge of your child's education by home schooling and we want to help ensure you have all the tools you need to succeed and give your child the best experience of student as possible. Our hope is that you no longer must worry about misplaced lessons, or disorganized home office spaces. 

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If you are brand new to the life of a home-schooling parent then there are plenty of resources out there for what lessons to plan, curriculum, etc. This is no small undertaking as your child's love of learning is at stake with the way you mold them and nurture their future values. The outcome of these efforts determines which college they will attend, and their career readiness beyond.

No matter if you are getting all of your school content by printing lesson plans off the internet or if you have bought the full range of textbooks for every subject there are places you can go to get advice, support and more information about every aspect of the home schooling experience. You cannot research enough when choosing to go the route of home schooling!

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While lesson planning tips abound, here are a few quick tips that can help you with your home school organizing method. Make the most out of these learning experiences by trying these suggestions and creating a better balance in your life instead of spending unnecessary hours planning for the next week.

Weekly Lesson Plan Checklist:

1. At the beginning of the week collect all the upcoming pages, printable pages, and instructions for the next week.

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2. Have a weekly curriculum checklist to make sure you do not forget any subjects, assignments, etc. (you can dedicate one of the folder pockets to a weekly checklist folder).

3. Make sure you are familiar with the content your children will be learning the next week. Take a look over all of their chapters, tests, or projects, so you can be fully prepared for what they will be working towards.

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4. At the end of the week make sure any completed assignments are placed into the appropriate folder so you can keep track of what they did and the date it was completed. When home schooling it is always a good idea to keep everything throughout the year for reference and as a record of what your child has accomplished.

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5. Be structured so that both you and your children always know what to expect from week to week.

    While there are a lot of products and articles out there geared toward home schooling parents meant to make the process of organization and leadership development easier, but often it can be overwhelming to try and sort through all the options and find the best one for your family's needs.

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    Our school organizer suggestions and products can be used by anyone to help increase the productivity and quality of their home school lessons. Having a place for everything to plan out daily, weekly, and yearly goals is important for your children's education. We want to help you succeed in creating the best home learning environment.

    Organizational Solutions:

    One of the classic and most reliable ways of organizing lesson plans, homework, and goals is by using file folders to keep everything in an easy to access place within your home. We have several products to help you with keeping folders and your school organizer along with office supplies where you can easily reach them.

    30 Pocket Wall Storage Organizer

    We offer two varieties of 30 Pocket Storage Hanging Wall File Organizer which makes for great graphic organizers. One comes in Red and Black, has 30 large pockets for homework assignments, printables, files, etc., and 6 small pockets for accessories likes pens, staplers, etc. The unit is made from Nylon and comes in Red or Black

    COMPONO Wall Door Storage 30-Pocket Chart with Vinyl Cover BLACK school organizer

    COMPON0 Wall Door Storage 30-Pocket Chart with Vinyl Cover RED school organizer

    Our other product is similar with 30 large pockets, and 6 small ones, but includes clear Vinyl windows on each of the large pockets to easily label each items.

    COMPONO Wall Door Storage 30-Pocket Chart with Vinyl Cover school organizer

    All the above options are made from a strong and durable Nylon fabric that will last for years while looking professional and clean. Beyond just for educational purposes these work perfectly in your home office to organize work projects or home files. You can get more than one and have school supplies such as graphs, writing or construction paper, sorted in the different pockets. This is a great graphic organizer for your school lessons, craft supplies, or other items where.

    10 Pocket Over Door Organizer

    If you’re looking for something a bit smaller that can make space where currently you do not have enough, our over the door pocket charts are the way to go! These are particularly awesome when you have tight desk space and have already maxed out your desk organizer. These multi-use over the door hanging organizers are an affordable option that can be great for creating order for everyone in your home, not just your student.

    Made of the same nylon in black or red material, and comprises of 10 large pockets for files, and 3 accessory pockets for pens, glue, pencils, scissors or other things you made need to use in the course of the day. It also comes with 3 door hangers that are simply placed over the top of any door to provide instant and convenient hanging:

    COMPONO Wall Storage Pocket Chart File Organizer with FREE BONUS 3 Door Hangers (BLACK) school organizer

    COMPONO Wall Door Storage 10-Pocket Chart RED school organizer

    This one also has the same windows available for posting names, subjects or other identifying tags for each folder pocket.

    COMPONO Wall Door Storage 10-Pocket with Window Vinyl Cover school organizer

    Or available from Amazon:

    These are also great organizers for home businesses and craft rooms as they keep your life orderly and arranged. We want you to have the best home schooling skills and experience possible.

    The above products can all be easily folded for easy carrying. This means you can take your school organizer with you no matter where you plan to go including vacations or road trips.

    9 Pocket Over Door Premium Organizer

    We also have the option of a Premium Over Door File Organizer. The difference with this and the standard Pocket Chart is that these contain an internal rigid piece of plastic to ensure they are always hanging straight and not bending.  These include 9 Large Pockets for organizing documents, 2 Accessory Pockets, and 2 door hangers. This is the best bet for those who have a décor they’re trying to match

    COMPONO Wall Storage 9-Pocket Chart school organizer

    COMPONO Wall Door Storage 9-Pocket Chart school organizer

    Or available on Amazon:

    For more information of our products, watch the video:



    Final Thoughts

    These are just a few things you can do to optimize the home school planner and keep yourself accountable and on track with your child's education. Instead of fighting with stacks of graded tests, essays, or project reports you can use our carefully designed system to keep everything ordered and systematic.

    Every home schooling parent benefits from tools. In addition to the ones that we offer here are a few suggestions for useful home schooling tips.

    • Ensure you have a dedicated study area that is comfortable and well-lit when you are at home.
    • A quiet reading space for the subjects that do not require actual completed paperwork is a great area to have.

    reading area school organizer

    • Plenty of office accessories like pens, pencils, art supplies, scissors, staplers and paperclips which will all fit perfectly in the row of accessory pocket located at the bottom of each of our hanging organizers.

    COMPONO Wall Door Storage school organizer

    • An outdoor space for your child to move around and get some exercise and have fun between subjects.

    You are ready to make 2020 the best year yet for home schooling! Whether you are figuring out lesson plans weekly, or have the entire year planned out and organized, we wish you a prosperous new school year!

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