Pocket Charts

High Quality crafted Pocket Charts from COMPONO. The Best Home, School, and Office Organizers on the market!


  • 5 Pocket Chart - Perfect below Chalkboards or under display boards in the classroom.for Home & Office - Hang behind the door with included hooks 
  • 10 Pocket Chart - Ideal for placing behind any door to achieve your classroom organization goals. Includes Door hanger hooks.
  • 20 Pocket Chart - Ideal for placing behind any door, and provides more storage than both the 5 or 10 pocket chart. Includes Door Hangers.
  • 30 Pocket Chart - Our largest Pocket Chart perfect for the classroom. Hang on the wall and have ample storage for all of your students paperwork. Works great in a corporate environment as well.

All Organizational Pocket Charts include at least 2 small accessory pockets for placing pens, pencils, or other items directly below your files.