15 Home Organization Ideas to Tidy Up Your Space

A home organization plan begins when you have acquired a house, an apartment or, a condo.

It proves convenient when you have small children running around or several family members using the common areas.

Never forget, an organized home is a happy home that can make a big difference in your life!

If you need to tidy up your place, there are a lot of practical ideas you can use to improve the quality of your living space.

Young family having quality time in a clean house

15 Home Organization Tips You Need to Know

Label Items in Categories

    Placing labels on items not used regularly is a great way to organize your home. Put names per category like winter clothing, boots, hoodies, school shoes,  Christmas decorations, etc.

    It will give you an idea of what box to pull on when needed at a particular time. Labeling in categories keeps you organized and more in charge of your home.

    Keeping Items for Later is a No-No

    Saving for later is a no-no. We all have said that we will keep this until it comes in style again. Do you want the truth?

    Holding on to something will only lead to unnecessary clutter in your home. If you haven't used the item for a year, it's time to throw them away.

    You may put them in the trash or donate to The Salvation Army or other charitable organizations. Either way, the items must be disposed of accordingly.

    Woman carrying folded jeans

    Don't Purchase Things You Do Not Need

    Be money smart by prioritizing things you need for the moment. Use a budget to determine which ones your family uses regularly and avoid purchases through impulse and desire.

    In this way, you won't keep items that don't have extra space for storage. Necessities are the name of the game.

    Having that self-control means no clutter and, you have money saved for rainy days.

    Use a Checklist for Every Room in Your House

    Make sure that items are in each specific area. Have a checklist for bedrooms, bathrooms, living room, family room, library, kitchen, and every other room in your home.

    Your bathroom will need body wash or soap, shampoo, conditioner, cleaning supplies, etc.

    Keeping a checklist for every room in your home will help you stay organized and decrease the chaos in your life.

    Paper checklist on the table

    Determine Chore Duties for the Week

    Chores are part of any home. Begin a weekly schedule for each family member and anyone living in the house.

    It should change every week, so everyone gets a fair share. Give an assignment to each child and show them how to do the chore.

    You get the help and support while teaching your children to take responsibility at a young age.

    Have a family meeting to let everyone know each specific duty for the week.

    Use Organizational Bins for Storage

    Organizational bins are the next option after you have used up all the storage spaces in your home.

    They can be used in the laundry room to hold detergent and other washing materials.

    Or you can use them in the kitchen to store small items that do not fit in your pantry and cupboards.

    Remember to label your bins to ensure you know what's inside.


    Clean in Small Doses

    How to maintain cleanliness is a big headache. So, clean one day at a time and in small doses.

    Have a regular schedule for every area like the bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, living room, dining room, and yard.

    However, do this regularly, stick to your schedule so you won't be overwhelmed by the extent of your chore.

    When dirt and dust accumulate for some time, they are hard to remove. It takes more effort in which you might need to hire a cleaning company to do the job.

    Woman cleaning glass window

    No Hoarding: Get Rid of Stuff You Do Not Use

    If you are a hoarder or who loves keeping everything, even a broken vacuum, then it's time for a change.

    Learn to dispose of items that you don't use anymore. Having them in your house took valuable space you need.

    Less clutter and more open spaces in your home give you and your family a breathing space.

    You get comfortable, have a homey feeling, and do not feel cooped up at all. No hoarding is one of the rules in home organizations.

     File Important Documents

    Important legal documents such as property title, birth certificates, the marriage certificate must be kept in a safe or filing cabinet.

    Label each folder with the type and name of the document and any other pertinent information.

    Having your documents in a private place with labels means you can access them anytime you need them.

    Woman looking for a document in the cabinet

    Store Items in their Proper Place

    Each to its place is another rule for home organization. Utensils and cooking wares must be kept in your kitchen drawers and cupboards.

    Your linens, bedcovers, pillowcases, and comforters must go to a dry and well-ventilated closet.

    Your dry food items must go to your pantry, while the produce and frozen food must go to your refrigerator.

    Also, your emergency kit must go to your medicine cabinet out of the reach of small children. 

    Designate an Area for your keys

    Use a key hook to keep keys for the family. Front door and back door keys, garage keys, car keys, and others used by the whole family.

    It gives everybody easy access, especially during an emergency.

    Several home keys in the hooks

    Use Hanging Shoe Organizers

    Use a hanging organizer in each bedroom as needed to keep shoes in place.

    Teach your children how to put them into the designated slots after use. The shoe organizer prevents kids' shoes from cluttering all over their bedrooms.

    Also, it avoids an accident when children trip over them.

    Get Rid of Old Books and Magazines

    Old books and magazines accumulate dust that you may have a problem cleaning.

    Dust accumulation can cause allergies and sinus problems. Anyone can get sick from exposure and inhalation.

    Get rid of books and magazines that have been on your shelves or in the library for years.

    When they become damp, molds and bacteria gather together, also termites and ants. They also serve as a nesting ground for cockroaches and rats.

    Books arranged on two built-in shelves

    Clean-up Immediately After Your Mess

    A bulk of your household chores happen in the dining and kitchen areas. Food preparation needs pots, pans, knives, cutting boards, and more which can become messy to clean up.

    You can invest in ergonomic cookware that is dishwasher friendly so, all you need to do is load it after use.

    After eating, rinse and load your utensils and plates inside your dishwasher as well. It's a good habit to clean up immediately before leaving your dining and kitchen.

    Woman cleaning kitchen counter top

    Check Food for Expiration Dates

    There is nothing worse than your family eating expired food. Therefore, check regularly the "use by date" of food items.

    Practice first in, first out - consume first food items nearing expiration dates. Or you can put them at the front of the shelf so you can pick them up first when preparing your meals.

    Doing this prevents food wastages and extra savings for the family. Most importantly, no family member will get sick from ingesting spoiled food items.

    Egg container with expiration date

    Make Your Home Organization Plan A Success!

    Just thinking of all the things you must do can be mind-boggling. Why don't you start your home organization ideas now instead of later?

    Get the support of your family and plan together. Ask for their cooperation and help around the house.

    There are advantages when family members would contribute - it makes the job easy, lightweight on your shoulders, and ensures its success.

    Family is a team, so organizing your home is a team effort.

    A beautiful and clean living room

    Follow up and follow through to remind everyone of their assignments. When family members own up this project, it will come second nature for them to organize and clean up as they go.

    Having a tidy and clean home can uplift everyone's mood. If you have a bad day at work, you have a haven to go to and feel refreshed as you get together with your family.

    So, start now with your home organization and reap the rewards for your effort.

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