How To Be an Organized Stay-at-Home Mom

Being a stay-at-home mom can be a lot of work, but it can also be rewarding. One of the things you need to do to make your life easy is to organize.

If you're disorderly, things can be overwhelming, which is not advantageous to your physical and emotional health.

Keeping your tasks and schedule in a daily planner will help keep you grounded, so you have time and energy to take care of your family.

Likewise, your family will benefit from the existing systems and orders inside your home.

Tips for a Stay-at-Home Mom

Make a List

Keeping a list is one of the best ways to document your daily activities. It may be your shopping, daily chores, or assignment for family members.

Paper and pen are inexpensive so, there's no reason not to keep these lists. If you prefer to use electronic devices, be sure to back them up regularly. 

Woman using checklist for shopping

Advantages of Keeping a List:

You will never forget anything - there is no excuse for being late to your kid's soccer practice or piano lessons.

If you do your shopping, you can take inventory of your fridge or pantry, so you don't have to guess because you know what you need. 

Allocate Time for Yourself

It's essential to schedule some time each day for yourself, even if it's just 10-15 minutes.

During this time you can do something that relaxes you such as reading, taking a bath, or listening to music.

Having a routine will help you stay rational and balanced and at the same time energized for other activities.

Woman drinking wine with laptop on the table 

Advantages of Allocating Time for Yourself:

It's healthy to take time for yourself to relax and unwind. You will find yourself more patient with your children (and your husband too!).

If you do this, you give yourself a chance to loosen up. It is also beneficial to your general wellbeing if you take time to relax.

Declutter Your House and Car

Cluttered spaces lead to disorganized minds. The fewer things you have, the easier it is to stay organized and know the location of every item.

Start by removing unnecessary objects from your house and car. Then, move on to other areas like your purse or kitchen cabinets. 

Woman cleaning car's interior

Advantages of Decluttering:

You will feel less overwhelmed when things are organized and in their proper place.

You can find what you need quickly and easily. You save valuable time and avoid getting stressed.

Set Boundaries with Family and Friends

Setting boundaries with friends and family members mean you value your own space. You make better decisions and have a better disposition.

If people are constantly calling or stopping by for visits, politely let them know that you appreciate their presence but need private time for yourself. 

Advantages of Setting Boundaries:

People will know where they stand with you if you set your limits. Your family and friends have an idea of what you think to be acceptable and not acceptable behavior towards you. 

You avoid spending too much time with them and overlook your primary responsibilities.

Create a Routine

A routine can help manage your time and responsibilities as a stay-at-home mom. When you have a pattern, you give stability and order to your activities and tasks.

You will have better stress levels if you have a routine, which leads to better emotional and mental health conditions.

Woman preparing a meal

Advantages of Creating a Routine:

You will save time because you don't have to think about what comes next. It also reduces your stress levels thus, improving your relationship with your family and friends.

Use a Calendar

A calendar is another helpful tool for stay-at-home moms. You can use a physical calendar or an electronic one.

Either way, you need to write down all appointments, deadlines, and other important dates.

Your monthly calendar may consist of doctor's check-ups, car wash, buying groceries, paying utility bills, and more.

You can also use your calendar to plan family activities such as hiking, road trips, visiting the zoo, or outdoor barbecues.

Woman using a calendar to plan activities

Advantages of Using a Calendar:

Having a calendar keeps your activities in place. Also, it helps you become productive and self-sufficient.

You can save money too by avoiding surcharges for late bill payments. If you have a calendar, you accomplish more tasks in one day.

Create a Regular Schedule for Your Children

Maintaining a routine schedule can help children know what to expect and prepare them for the day ahead.

For example, if it is Monday morning, they know that they are going to school. When you maintain a routine for your children, it can also help them become more independent.

Mom reading a book to her baby

Advantages of Maintaining a Regular Schedule for Children:

It will make your life easier because you won't have to think about what comes next. Your kids will know what their day entails so they can plan accordingly.

When children become occupied, they won't bother you, and you will have time for your tasks.

Put a Label

Labeler tape or machines are an excellent way to keep everything in its place. You can label anything from your children's cabinets to your food in the refrigerator.

When you label, everyone knows where to look and put back every item in your house.

Advantages of Labeling:

It will save you time because you don't have to search if you need something.

You and your family can find an item quickly and easily. They don't have to ask you because they know where to put each item and look for it again.

Ask for Help

You will not become a lesser person if you ask for help when you need it.

If your children's clothes pile up on the floor, ask them to tidy up. It's wise to teach children good habits at a young age.

You can also delegate responsibilities to your partner or family member. Schedule a regular time to do household chores with your family.

A girl helps parents set the table for dinner

Advantages of Asking Help:

You will accomplish more because you don't have to do your task alone. If your family and friends offer their assistance, accept it gladly.

They can see you're up to your shoulders; you barely can float your head, so you make them happy if you give them the chance to help you.

Plan Ahead

You can accomplish this by having a planner to jot down your  "to-do" list.

When you have a planner, you are less likely to feel overwhelmed and forget your appointments and activities.

You will be focused and learn to prioritize your tasks and activities.

Woman using a meal plan to cook food

Advantages of Planning Ahead:

When you plan, you will stay organized and avoid last-minute errands.

You will know what you need to accomplish each day because it becomes your daily routine. Children learn what to expect and will better prepare for it.

Pre-Set Your Daily Activities

You can set up shortcuts for everything from your digital calendar to your pantry.

For example, if you want a one-hour workout video to always play at 6:00 AM, you can pre-set your television to turn on at a specific time.

Or, if you plan to make a meal, pre-set everything beforehand by buying and preparing the ingredients ahead of time.

Woman working out in front of the television

Advantages of Pre-Setting Your Activities:

Your task becomes lighter when you have pre-arranged precisely how you want it. Your family can do things the way they want to because their tasks have shortcuts.

Use a Container System

A container system is a great way to keep your home organized. You can use containers for everything from your children's toys to your spices.

A designated place for every item makes it easy to put away and find later when you need it.

Bins for storing toys

Advantages of a Container System:

Everything will have a place so you can find it quickly and easily. Children can put away their belongings because everything has a designated spot.

You can create different systems for different parts of your home, so everything is organized the way everybody wants it.

Start Your Day With a Clean House

One way to stay organized is to start your day with a clean house. A tidy home means taking the time to put away all of your belongings and cleaning up the mess immediately.

When you tidy up your home regularly, it sets the tone of the day.

Mom cleaning floor with her daughter

Advantages of a Clean House:

You will be more productive because you won't have to worry about cleaning up after. You can focus on your tasks at hand without any distractions.

Also, your family will be more likely to stay organized if they start their day in a clean environment.

Engage Everyone With Household Chores

One way to make sure everyone takes care of their household chores and helps out around the house is by using a list.

Then assign specific tasks to each family member. For example, you can ask your children to put away their toys every night before they go to sleep and ask your husband to fold the laundry every Sunday morning while you make breakfast.

A husband helping with the laundry

Advantages of Using Household Chores List:

Everyone in the family will be responsible for taking care of their chores. Children will learn to be helpful and take care of their belongings.

You can use a different system for every family member to teach them a sense of accountability and responsibility.

Do Exercises Alone or With the Family

Another way to stay organized is by doing simple exercises regularly. A 30-minute walk around your neighborhood after dinner or early in the morning improves your mood and wellbeing.

Another activity is to bring your children to the playground and join them for your needed exercises while creating a family bonding with them.

Mom and baby at the playground

Advantages of Daily Exercise:

You will feel more energized and refreshed throughout the day. Your family will notice your increased energy and want to spend time with you.

You can create a morning routine that incorporates exercise, so you start your day off on the right foot.

Use Alarms and Timers

Alarms and timers are great when it comes to staying organized. You can use a notification on your device to wake up the kids for school.

You can also use a timer when cooking or cleaning, so you know the remaining time until you finish your task. You can customize alarms and timers to fit your needs. 

Alarm clock on the table

Advantages of Using Alarms and Timers:

You can finish your tasks on time and not forget any of them. You will get a feeling of accomplishment and be proud of it.

You will be happy and contented with your life as a stay-at-home mom. 

Delegate by Sharing Responsibilities

One way to stay organized is by accepting that you cannot do everything. It would help to be happy with a few tasks and delegate some to other family members.

The delegation of your duties will free up your time to focus on the more essential things.

A girl washing fruits and vegetables

Advantages of Delegation:

You will not feel overwhelmed by all of the things you have to do. You can focus on the more urgent tasks.

Family members, relatives, and close friends can pitch in, so you get a breather. Involving others means sharing some of your responsibilities to lighten your load.

Parting Advice

Being an organized stay-at-home mom can be satisfying and fulfilling. You will manage your time and responsibilities more efficiently by applying all the tips here.

Start your day on the right foot by having a morning routine; then, everything will come naturally.

Lastly, remember to give yourself a break because you cannot do everything all at once!

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