Time To Go Back To School : Learn a proper organization method with help from COMPONO

COMPONO 30 Pocket Storage Chart

No matter how old you become the school days are always remembered as the beautiful days of your life. The day when you had no stress, no anxiety about the future, slow going life and plenty of time to spend with your friends and family. Those days were the golden moment of your life. 

When we talk about school, the one thing that the student might have learned which still matters these days is how you organize your items. We are surrounded by several small things which we generally use in our everyday life. These small things make our lives easier and provide us with a quick solution to solve certain problems.

colored pencils in pencil case

However, managing them becomes difficult as it might need a special storage system to keep them in proper order. Organizing them properly in the home or office will enable you to find it back when there is a need and eliminate lost time.

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Do you remember how you used to organize your stuff back in the school days?

Most of you might have storage bags or cabinets to store small school items such as a pens, pencils, drawing books, comics, craft material, and many other things which you might be using in your school time. Keeping them in the right place is important as you might be using them every week during class. We all learn the technique of organizing our stuff in a precise manner to make it available when it is needed; why do we not all still follow this method?

pictured books in proper storage baskets

It looks like we have forgotten the skill of organizing items in our home or office. It seems it is time to go back to school and learn the management techniques again. It has been noticed that the average person lacks the organization skill which they learned in school. If you closely observe, you will notice your household items laying in different rooms and cabinets which become difficult to find them when required. It is time to go back to the school days and recall how you used to store your items in your home.

The best way to organize your items is by having a storage system that provides enough flexibility and doesn't require much space, ideally taking up space otherwise un-utilized. In a small home or the office area where you do not have space to keep storage cabinet, keeping the small items becomes even more difficult. The non-availability of a proper storage space may result in things laying everywhere on the table and the floor.

messy classroom

Your room might look disorganized and people who visit the place might find your lack of organization unprofessional in your home or office. It truly looks undisciplines when things are not in the right place and laying everywhere on the ground or in the conference room.

This is where the COMPONO 30 Pocket Storage Chart comes in the picture. The COMPONO 30 Pocket Storage Chart is designed with high-quality material and requires minimum space with the ability to hang on an otherwise unused wall.

Have you ever thought about utilizing an empty wall for storage, but didn't want to invest in cabinetry or shelving?

You can now use your wall to hang the COMPONO 30 Pocket Storage Chart and allow people to keep desired items in the pockets hidden from view. The pockets are large enough to hold a large amount of items. You can put all your file folders, stationary, pens, dusters, and countless other items in the pocket and remove the clutter from your room!

The COMPONO design is very elegant. It will elevate the aesthetic of your home or office. The COMPONO 30 Pocket Chart comes in a variety of colors. You can choose a color to compliment your interior in any room. The COMPONO 30 Pocket Storage Chart is capable of holding a good amount of weight without breaking or tearing. The material used in the making assures the long-term sustainability.

Organize your classroom, home or office with this high quality 30 pocket wall chart. It is simple to use and anyone can easily access the pocket to store anything they want. You can also find special accessory pockets at the bottom design for storing pens, pencils, erasers, etc., freeing up further desk space.  The Five 3/8" Steel Grommets at the top are made for hanging in the long-run.  It holds the pockets in the place without moving and gives the required strength needed for the COMPONO 30 Pocket Storage Chart to last a lifetime.

It is time to put an end to the small items laying everywhere in your home, school, or office.  Get the COMPONO 30 Pocket Storage Chart for your personal, student, or employee's organizational needs.  It is an affordable and convenient way to store the stuff and find it easily when needed. Buy it today during our limited time Back to School price reduction, and experience it for yourself!


Check COMPONO - (Verb - Latin) Arrange, compile, compose, make up, construct, organize...  for more additional school organizing tips!

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