Getting Your Space Airbnb-Ready

Do you have an extra space in your house that’s currently not being used? Or do you have another whole house that no one uses and is just sitting there idle? Well, it’s about time you made use of that space or house and have it rented out.

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There’s a web-based marketplace that lets people rent out their spare rooms or their entire property to guests. This marketplace is called Airbnb (‘bnb’ is short for bed and breakfast). The idea is quite simple: You rent out your space or your property, then Airbnb takes commission (3%) of every booking from the host/s, and anywhere between 6%-12% from the guests.

image of a bedroom acquired by airbnb

If you want to earn a little extra money and make use of that room or property that no one’s using anyway, why not list it on Airbnb? If this is something you want to consider, below are some tips to make your space ready for any guest.

Stage Your Space

Just like with any property that’s for rent or for sale, you need to know how to stage your space so it looks rentable. This means it has to look not only neat and welcoming, but it also has to look ready for anyone to use. This means you have to show photos not only of the furniture and appliances, but also the toilet and any other feature that makes your space unique.

Clean Up

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Of course, you can’t show your space looking messy and dirty. That’s like posting a ‘You’re not welcome here’ sign. Before taking photos of your space to be uploaded for potential guests to see, you have to make sure everything is spic-and-span.

Especially if you’re going to upload high definition photos, make sure you dust everything off properly as even a speck of dust on a vase or a glass table could turn off potential renters.

cleanliness maintains by wiping glasses

Also, avoid showing any semblance of clutter. Even a throw pillow that’s out of place can be an eyesore, especially for very discriminating guests. If you’re showing your clean bed linens, put them in COMPONO storage bags with large clear window & carry handles so your potential guests can see that there’s extra bedding for them in case it’s needed.

Take Great Pictures

All the hard work you’ve put in cleaning and staging your space won’t matter much if the photos look terrible. Be sure to take photos with high resolution. Ideally, you want to take photos during the day so you can brighten up the space. Also, the orientation should ideally be in landscape format so you can show more of your space in every photo.

minimalist room with enough space

Take photos from many angles, making sure the best features of your space are highlighted. If you’re not exactly a photography enthusiast, you can hire a professional photographer to do the job.

Remember that your goal is to make your space look as inviting as possible to any potential guests looking for a clean, cozy and safe space to stay away from their home. Getting it Airbnb-ready is a necessary investment for you to earn additional income from your space or property.

For you to achieve the AirBnB vibe on, learn more on How To Make Your Bed (and why you should) here!

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