Planning Your Family’s RV Trip

Have car, will travel!

But what if you want to bring with you as much stuff as you want when you travel as a family, including literally the kitchen sink? Well, there’s a solution to that: rent an RV

RV is short for recreational vehicle. For those who haven't considered it, RV's are great for families who want to go on vacation without having to rent a room or check in at a hotel.

Just like with any family trip, going on a trip on an RV requires planning and preparation.

Whether you’re going on an RV trip for the first time or you’ve done it once or twice, the following tips can come in handy:

1. Plan your route

With the availability of online maps, it’s easier to plan travel routes in this information age. Remember that traveling, especially traveling on the road, is not just about the destination, but more about the journey. To make the most of your road trip, take scenic routes. You also have to consider the weather in the area where you’re traveling. Also, look for RV campsites where you can rest at night. Research road conditions and check if there are dangerous routes along the way that you need to avoid. A few helpful website for this:
  • RV Trip Wizard - Route planning, places to stop, campsites, etc.
  • KOA - Great website for campground planning

2. Have the vehicle checked 

Safety comes first. If you think you’re not that equipped to check the vehicle, have it checked by a mechanic. Checks should include tire pressure, radiator coolant, engine oil, and lights, among other things. The electrical load should also be checked. An RV is not built to accommodate all of your family’s electrical power needs.  If you're not already think about joining an auto club that can happen with mishaps along the way...

  • AAA - Can cover breakdowns and other mishaps
  • Good Sam - The nation's largest RV club!

3. Pack smart

And by packing smart we mean not just packing light, but packing what you need for urgent situations. Don’t bring too much stuff that would just unnecessarily add more weight to the vehicle. But at the same time, be sure to bring things you might need (should there be emergencies) like a first-aid kit, flashlights, batteries, and so on.

For your clothes and bedding, you can bring with you COMPONO’s under bed storage containers that you can just slide in underneath the bed or pack in a closet in the RV. 

You can also bring our COMPONO under bed shoe organizer if you're someone who just can't be without shoes, and store this under the bed as well.

...of course we're biased to this product, but had to mention it! :-)

4. Stock up on food

If you’re renting an RV that’s equipped with a kitchen, you can shop for cooking essentials and the ingredients you’ll need for your planned meals. However, if there are food shops along the way in your
planned route, you can just buy fresh ingredients locally. The less stuff you bring, the lighter your load will be. Plus, you'll get to try out local farmer markets and see more of the  country.
Here's a very handy link we love showing a list of farmer's markets throughout the US!

5. Plan your budget

Estimating the cost of your trip should include RV rental, gas purchase, groceries, campsite payments, eating out, and incidental expenses. Be sure to spare something for emergencies as well. With one of the biggest expenses in this day and age, fuel, we love to use this handy calculator to figure out our budget and costs ahead of time!

6. Check internet connectivity/access

Internet userIf one of your goals for the trip is for your whole family to disconnect from the web and social media so you can truly have great quality time together, then you don’t need to check if there’s internet access where you’ll be traveling. However, if you’re running a company or a business and you need to check with your staff from time to time, check that your route has spots with internet connectivity. Having internet connection while traveling can also be a life-saver during certain times of emergency.


Go on and have that fun RV trip with your family. Get away for a little while and reconnect and rekindle whatever flames may have died out. Just make sure you cover all the bases so you’ll have a safe trip from the time you leave home all the way till you return.

Have a great trip!

Please note we are not affiliated with, or compensated by, any of the companies mentioned above.  Of course we are COMPONO, and any sales of our products are for profit, and your purchase is greatly appreciated!

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