How to Make Your Bed (and Why You Should)

One of the things some of us hated as kids was making our bed. Our parents would always nag us about it, yet we managed to skip this morning routine regularly and head straight to the breakfast table, much to their disappointment.

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kid making fun before fixing the bed

Some of us may have thought, ‘Why do I even have to bother making my bed when I’m just going to muss it up at night when I sleep anyway?’ However, imagine a friend giving you a surprise visit, peeking into your room and seeing a post-tornado situation.

The Importance of Making Your Bed

The most obvious reason for making your bed is it makes your room look nicer.

clean white bedspread on black metal bed

Plain and simple. The main focal point in anyone’s bedroom is none other than the bed (there’s a reason why it’s called a ‘bed-room’). No matter how awesome the rest of your room looks like, if the bed isn’t made, the whole appearance is ruined by it.

Another benefit of having a made bed is preventing dirty stuff from settling under the sheets, which could cause bed bugs to settle in and, yes, bite.

There’s also a bit of a sense of accomplishment when you make your bed. It makes you feel like you’ve done something right at the start of your morning. Also, your nicely made bed would be a pleasant, cozy welcome to you after a long day at work. A made bed is way better than bedlam.

How to Properly Make Your Bed

You don’t have to go through several hits and misses before getting this chore right. If you follow the simple guide below, you’re off to making your bed look nice and neat.

  • Remove used linens - If you have been using your linens for more than a week, they deserve a trip to the laundry. If you think they’re still usable, place them on a clean top as you start the task. 

woman changing used linen

  • Start with the bottom sheet - Once you’ve removed everything from your bed, put on the bottom sheet. If it’s fitted, you can just simply slip the corner pockets onto the four corners of your bed. You will then adjust the sheet around the bed’s perimeter underneath your bed’s mattress pad and mattress.

What if your bottom sheet is flat? If you’re dealing with a non-fitted bottom sheet, you will arrange the sheet so that about a foot hangs beyond the top of your bed and its sides overhang evenly on the sides of the mattress. Nicely tuck the sheet in at the foot of the bed.

fixing the bottom-sheet

  • Do the top sheet - Once the bottom sheet has been nicely slipped and tucked, the next step is to place the top sheet on the bed. Be sure to leave some excess sheet so you can fold it back over your blanket or arrange it in such a way that the top edge lines up with the edge of the mattress.
  • Add your blanket or comforter - Lay the blanket nice and flat on your bed and smooth all the edges. The top edge of your blanket should line up with the top edge of your bed. Do the same if you’re adding a comforter.
  • Lay down the pillows - The finishing touch to the whole bed-making routine is positioning your pillows. This is something that would depend on your desired placement. Of course, don’t just place them anywhere on the bed. A good place for your beloved pillows would still be at the top of your bed. You can place them under your blanket or comforter or on top of it. You may also place them upright against your bed’s headboard.

girl laying down the pillows

(Additional tip: You can also store your comforter or blanket in COMPONO’s Underbed storage containers and just pull them out once you’re ready to hit the sack.)

It’s probably been said a gazillion times, practice makes perfect. The more frequent you make your bed, the easier it’s going to be in the long term (or maybe even in the short or medium term). Don’t worry if you don’t get it right the first time. If you develop a good habit of it, making your bed will soon become a breeze.

For more tips on how to clean your bed, read Cleaning Your Room in Less Than 60 Minutes now!

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