10 Organization Tips for Family RV Trips

Are you a wanderlust family always in search of your next adventure? Or the ultimate outdoorsy clan looking to upgrade your camping accommodations? Whether it’s your first time or your one-hundredth time, fitting a whole family in an RV can be a bit of a challenge.

family having picnic RV trip

Living in small spaces can be great for bonding as a family. RV’s provide great flexibility and affordability to make family traveling dreams a reality. It is not just about camping, in fact, some resort campgrounds don’t really feel like camping at all. Family RVing is about spending time together.

But as much as you love all of the members of your family, the lack of space can be the source of a lot of stress. Bringing your A-game when it comes to organizing the RV will make your trip enjoyable and help bring your family closer together. Try these rockstar tips to organize your next (or first) RV trip:

Use Magnetic Storage on Vertical Surfaces

magnetic storage panel spice rack RV trip

Small items like cosmetics, spices, clothespins with magnets attached to the back can be stored on wall-mounted magnetic panels. Drawer space is extremely limited in an RV. Try to get as much out of the drawers and into alternative storage as possible.

Outfit Every Cabinet with Interior Organizers

interior organizers in RV cabinet trip

Bins, plastic drawers, and hanging shelves help to utilize every available square inch of space. Try a plastic drawer unit that provides each family member with their own space to store undergarments.

Borrow an Idea from the Ikea Catalog

diy hanging pot rack with s hooks RV trip

Living in small spaces isn’t just limited to 400 square foot apartments and so-called ‘tiny homes’. The same principles apply to RV dwellers. Rail systems that hold an S hook, shelves and containers help get items out of drawers and off of surfaces.

Custom Organization with Command Hooks

command hooks with toothbrushes in RV trip

Damage-free hooks and strips provide the ultimate flexibility in utilizing space for storage and organization. A set of command hooks on the exterior of your RV can hang beach towels to dry. Command strips and a set of toothbrush holders can provide convenient toothbrush storage for the whole family.

Use Magazine Files for Slim-Profile Storage

magazine file storage RV trip

With limited drawer space in an RV, any idea that gets things out of a drawer is a winner. A magazine file has a slim-profile and can fit in a tiny RV kitchen as a utensil holder. Most commercial utensil holders are round containers that look nice but do not use space as efficiently as a magazine file does.

Use Clear Storage Totes with Labels

clear storage totes with labels RV trip

A lot of the storage spaces that are available in an RV are a little bit awkward. Hollowed spaces underneath dining seats, under bed storage, and small, deep cabinets are what RV life is made of. Clear storage totes with prominent labels will help divide and conquer those spaces so that you do not have to dig through them every time you need to retrieve something.

Everyone knows that storage space in their RV is a hot commodity. So watch this video to learn more of organizing hacks of your RV!


What to Pack for Each Family Member

If you are planning a long trip or possibly hitting the RV life full-time with your family, it is a little more difficult to decide what stays and what goes. Here are some practical tips for deciding what to pack for each family member.

Four Pairs of Shoes per Person

four pairs of shoes RV trip

Each person should have one pair of athletic shoes that are comfortable and fit well. Also pack one pair of good, durable hiking shoes for each person. If you are RVing, you will be spending plenty of time in state parks. It will probably be hard to avoid doing a little hiking. Be prepared with the right footwear when the occasion arises. Include a comfortable pair of slip-on shoes or sandals. And, finally, pack a neutral brown or black leather dress shoe in case you go to dinner or need to attend a party.

Four pairs of shoes per family member. That is it. Cut an over-the-door pocket shoe organizer to fit the inside of your garment cabinet to store the extra pairs when they are not on your feet.

Fourteen Pairs of Undergarments per Person

For long-term RV trips, pack a two-week supply of undergarments for each family member. This will provide plenty of extras in between laundry days. Use a plastic drawer unit inside one of the available cabinets to sort undergarments for each family member.

10 Everyday Outfits for Each Person

sets of outfits on a bed RV trip

Whatever type of clothing will fit the climate you will be traveling in is appropriate. 10 outfits per family member for everyday casual wear is a good number. It is enough that you will not have to do laundry every single day.

Pack a Jacket for each Person

four pieces of jackets RV trip

Even in the summer, evenings and occasional cool spells can call for a jacket. Choose a versatile, lightweight, water-resistant jacket that is suitable for varying weather conditions.


swimwear packing RV trip

Pack 1 or 2 swimsuits and one beach towel for each family member. There are usually plenty of opportunities to swim at campgrounds and state parks.

1 Pair of Pants, 1 Long Sleeve Shirt

woman looking at the sunset while eating RV trip

Assuming that the weather will be warm on your RV trip, don’t forget to pack at least one pair of long pants and one long-sleeve t-shirt. This outfit will come in handy if the weather turns colder than usual. It might also be good for some activities like horseback riding or hiking in wooded areas.

1 Nice Outfit

Be prepared if you get an invitation to a party or a nice restaurant. Pack one nicer outfit or dress for each family member. Avoid anything that requires dry cleaning or is difficult to store.

one nice outfit jeans bag shoes RV trip

Long-term RV trips, or possibly even full-time RVing requires a minimalist lifestyle. Space is limited and sometimes awkward, fitting in the nooks and crannies. Clear totes and interior organizers are the best way to utilize all of the storage space in an RV.

Smart organization tools solve half of the problem. Being smart about what you bring on the road is the other half. Finding the perfect balance between living comfortably and living minimally is the goal of a well-organized family RV.


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