20 Must Have Products For Your Home Office - Work From Home Edition

Due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) restrictions, businesses and schools are temporarily shut down until further notice. Because of businesses shutting down, people have to stay home and won't be able to work in public. However, there is a solution where you can continue to work and make money: Work-at-Home Jobs!

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If you are starting making or began designing a home office at your house, you want to find the right tools/products for your office.

Don't know where to start?

Take a look at this article to find out more as we countdown the 19 home office products that you must have including links to the products if you are interested.

  1. Dell Optiplex Intel Core
  2. Ameriwood Home Office L-Shaped Desk
  3. Best Storage Box
  4. Desk Collection
  5. File Cabinet
  6. Ottoman
  7. Desk Chair
  8. Mesh Wastebasket
  9. ALZO 27 Full Spectrum CFL Light Bulbs
  10. Wall Organizer
  11. TaoTronics LED Desk Lamp
  12. AmazonBasics Shredder
  13. Rescue Time
  14. FlexiSpot Standing Desk
  15. AmazonBasics Ventilated Adjustable Laptop Stand
  16. Gunnar Optiks Intercept Glasses
  17. Logitech C920S HD Webcam
  18. Bonavita Connoisseur
  19. The Ember Mug
  20. Plantronics BackBeat Pro 2

2 Major Products to Start Your Home Office:

To start with building your office from scratch, you want to start with a computer and a desk if you don't have one already. Here are two suggestions for a good quality computer and desk that you can purchase online:

Dell Optiplex Intel Core:

Dell Optiplex 3050 Micro 256GB Solid State Drive SSD

We know that computers can be expensive. However, you can order this computer for $500. The Dell Optiplex Intel Core has a three-year warranty and comes with Windows 10. The computer is also tested and inspected to ensure you will get the best. This computer is good for business and your home office.

Ameriwood Home Office L-Shaped Desk:

Dakota L-Shaped Desk with Bookshelves

For over $100, this wonderful L-shaped desk is a perfect choice. Since it is L-Shaped, it can fit into any corner of your room. The desk also includes side storage and gives you holes for your cords so they won't be tangled. The desk requires two people to assemble and holds about 100 pounds. So if you need a desk, then it is recommended to buy this one.

11 Basic Essentials for Your Home Office:

From there, you want to get other basic products for your home office (mostly for organizing your papers, office supplies, lighting, among other things). Here are ten basic items to get for your office:

Best Storage Box:

COMPONO Toy Chest Organizer House Organization Product

This Storage Box from COMPONO ensures you have all the space you need for the extra items you have cluttering your office. You’ll find productivity increases greatly in the Home Office when these extra items are out of sight.

COMPONO Storage Box Organizer House Organization Product

Available in multiple colors this is an essential item for anyone working at home looking to be productive. 

Desk Collection:

Poppin Desk Collection Set Aqua Color

This helpful organizational product helps keep your essentials such as pencils/pens, your pen cup, stapler, tape dispenser, among other things in one place. You can find this on Amazon for $118.99.

File Cabinet:

Lorell 14341 18 Deep 2-Drawer File Cabinet

Need something to organize and keep your papers? A file cabinet will do that for you. You can keep important papers (like things you printed out) in a file cabinet and you can lock it so no one will steal it. The best part of this file cabinet is that it is small enough that you can put it under your desk. Buy it on Amazon for $70.


Ottoman Foldable Storage Seville Classics

While doing desk work, you want to have a comfortable seat. Ottoman's are good as they have multiple uses than just sitting on it: you can store things in it and it can also serve as a footrest. You can store office items like charging cables, power strips, or extra office paper in the ottoman. One ottoman that you should consider buying is the Seville Classic 15.7 inch Foldable Ottoman for $35.

Desk Chair:

Alera Elusion Series Mesh High-Back Multifunction Chair

Don't want an ottoman and want a desk chair instead? Then get a budget office chair! Unlike any of the other office chairs which can be expensive, this one is inexpensive and you can buy it from multiple sellers. The cheapest option, however, is Amazon which costs about $180. eBay and Sam's Club both sell this chair for $200 or above (https://ebay.to/3ebGSdD ) and Sam's Club (https://bit.ly/2xnzcEv ).

Mesh Wastebasket:

AmazonBasics Mesh Waste Basket

Since your working from home, you want to have a wastebasket where you can throw away any junk from your office. A mesh wastebasket can help you with that. Made with solid steel wire, it can hold about 4.5 gallons of waste. Find it on Amazon for $12

ALZO 27 Full Spectrum CFL Light Bulbs:

ALZO Full Spectrum Light Bulb 5500K

While doing work outside of your laptop (like paperwork), you want to have good lighting in your office. The best bulbs are the ALZO 27 Full Spectrum bulbs. They come in a four-pack that has many benefits like helping plant growth (if you have plants in your office), are energy-saving, they produce less heat, and has 10,000 hours of bulb life. Find these bulbs on Amazon for $29

Wall Organizer:

COMPONO Hanging File Organizer and Wall File Holder

Can't afford a file cabinet? There is another solution where you can put your papers in: an organizer that fits right on your wall. The COMPONO Wall Organizer in black or cream come with hangers that quickly transform the back of your office door into a storage area. Each of these files holds about 50 papers and is easy to hang. 

TaoTronics LED Desk Lamp:

TaoTronics LED Desk Lamp

Another way to get light into your office is a small lamp that can be on your desk. The TaoTronics LED Desk Lamp is the best light source for your desk. For $31, this lamp gives you seven levels of brightness and five lighting modes. The lamp also comes with a built-in USB port and you can adjust the product by using the gooseneck.

AmazonBasics Shredder:

AmazonBasics 6-Sheet Cross-Cut Paper Home Office Shredder

Have some papers that are junk? Then you need to get a shredder for your office! This one has a 6-sheet capacity including thermal protection with automatic shut-off. They also sell ones with lubricant sheets (though these are a little expensive), so buy one for $37.

Rescue Time:

Rescue Time website

Unlike the other products on this list, this product is a useful website that you can get help with productivity. The app helps you build better habits, helps with your everyday schedule, and helps you keep control of your time. For about $72, you can sign up and use the website's resources to help balance your schedule.

7 Advanced Products for Your Home Office:

Besides the basic products for your office, you might also want to consider getting gadgets that will help your computer or yourself while working at home. Some of these products are expensive, but here are some of them for you to check out:

FlexiSpot Standing Desk

FlexiSpot M3B Standing Desk

Sitting down all day while doing your work is not healthy for your body, which is why it is best to get a standing desk that can hold your computer. It is small, lightweight, and it can be adjusted easily. It even comes with a keyboard tray. You can get this product delivered to you from Amazon. 

AmazonBasics Ventilated Adjustable Laptop Stand:

AmazonBasics Ventilated Adjustable Computer Holder

Have a laptop and need a stand for it? Don't worry, Ergonomics has got you covered! You can bring this laptop to stand anywhere and much like the FlexiSpot, it is easily adjustable. The ventilated design also gives you safety benefits as it can prevent your device from overheating and making the laptop unusable. Buy one on Amazon now for $21.

Gunnar Optiks Intercept Glasses:

Gunmar Glasses Website

Since your stay-at-home job requires you to be on your computer, you need something to protect your eyes from the screen. Staring at the screen for long periods causes health problems like fatigue, eye pain, or headaches. Want to prevent this? Then get the Gunnar Optiks Intercept Glasses! Selling at $70, these glasses are specifically designed for computer use. They also come in different types, so browse the Gunnar website to find the right one for you. If you order now, you also get a 20% off by using the code STAYHOME20. Try it out now!

Logitech C920S HD Webcam:

Logitech Webcam with Privacy Shutter

This webcam camera is perfect for talking to anyone or if you have meetings to attend to. You can buy this special type of webcam on Amazon starting at $80.

Bonavita Connoisseur:

Bonavita 8-Cup One-Touch Coffee Maker

If you need a coffeemaker for your office, you should check out the Bonavita Connoisseur: It has a one-touch operation and produces good, quality coffee. It works fast and is safe to put in the dishwasher. ..and let's be honest; everyone needs a coffee maker at home!! You can buy it for $150.

The Ember Mug:

Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug

Along with a high-quality coffeemaker, you also want to get a mug that will keep your coffee hot as you work. That is where the ember mug comes in: a porcelain mug that keeps your coffee 130 degrees but gives you the option to tone the heat down with an IOS app. Buy this mug at Amazon from $79.

Plantronics BackBeat Pro 2:

Plantronics Wireless Noise Cancelling Backbeat

Have distractions at your home that prevent you from getting work done or want to listen to music while working? A good pair of headphones are in order. The best ones are the Plantronics BackBeat Pro 2. These set of headphones have many advantages: they are wireless, comfortable to wear, works with phone calls, and pauses the music whenever you take them off your head. Buy it for $129.

With the recent outbreak, and the challenges of disinfecting public spaces (here's how to properly disinfect your home), working in public is scarce until further notice. You may think you won't be able to work because of this, but it is not true. You can always work at home and still earn money, you just need the right essentials/gadgets to work in your office.

We hope you can learn to enjoy working at home like we have. Take Care!     

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