The Top 10 Best Ways To Store Your Shoes And Boots Revealed!

Tired of seeing your boots gather dust in the hallway and generally being disorganized? We're here to help with our top 10 shoe storage ideas to remedy these issues! 

Every household worth its name should have a good system to organize shoes effectively, in order to keep space tidy and make it easier for you to find the pair you are looking for.

Luckily, there are a lot of options when it comes to finding a good shoe organizer, from under bed shoe storage to hanging organizers, to ones for the closet, and even some more decorative furniture pieces. 

In this article, we've compiled 10 great options to store your shoes and boots—read on to find out for yourself which one will work for your space!

  1. COMPONO Shoe Organizer
  2. Classic Metal Shoe Rack
  3. Shoe Rack Bench
  4. Clear Boxes
  5. Hanging Shoe Organizer
  6. A Shoe Cabinet
  7. A Shoe Cubicle
  8. A Ladder Shoe Shelf
  9. A Wooden Crate Shoe Rack
  10. Baskets


10- Baskets

shoe basket

For those with a large family and a limited shoe collection, investing in a series of adorable little wicker baskets can revolutionize your shoe storage. Simply assign one basket to each member of the family, and have them keep their shoes in it. Those can be kept in the hallway to be easily accessible at all times.

The best thing about it?

Every family member can customize their basket with a special name tag or an accessory that sets it apart. This is also a great way to teach children to take care of their personal items, as they will be responsible for putting shoes back in the appropriate basket responsibly.

Overall, this is a great solution for larger families trying to keep everyone's shoes safe and organized!

9- A Wooden Crate Shoe Rack

Shoe Crate wood shoe rack

A wooden crate shoe rack is ideal if you are in love with the idea of DIY or if you are trying to give your home a rustic, farmhouse feel. Simply put some upcycled wooden crates together, stand them up on each other and here you have your shoe rack! You could even turn this into a fun family project by having your children help you to treat the wood, paint it, apply a varnish or a patina on it.

As well as being fashionable, this piece of furniture is practical as it allows you to see all of your shoe collection out in the open. Factor in the money that you'll save by upcycling some wooden crates which you can simply find on the market or buy from an antique shop, and you have one of the best DIY options for organizing your shoes.

8- A Ladder Shoe Shelf

shoe ladder shoe shelf type

If you want your shoe collection to become a statement piece in your home, then placing them on a ladder is a perfect option. Choose a light colored wood for a more minimalist look or a genuine, reclaimed wood ladder for a rustic, farmhouse style.

Whatever you choose, the ladder will help you showcase your own sense of style while holding all of your shoes ready to see and grab. If you have a few beautiful designer shoe pieces, then this piece of furniture will help you accentuate the beauty of your collection, like a frame would a picture.

Bear in mind that this is a solution best suited for those with a smaller shoe collection, as you can expect to store about 20 pairs on the ladder before it starts to look cluttered.

7- A Shoe Cubicle

shoe cubicle

For those passionate about organization, few things are as appealing as a beautiful shoe cubicle. Not only do they instantly make your space look and feel organized, they can also be used to create further organizational categories.

How about keeping all your rain boots on one row or column? Or color-coordinating your shoes? What if you and your partner both took one side of the cubicle-stand? The possibilities are endless! In terms of style, there are also a lot of options.

The more minimalist among us will opt for an all-white cubicle piece, while others may prefer reclaimed wood for a more rustic feel, or even brightly-colored plastic if your cubicle is aimed at children. Some cubicle pieces even come with a curtain that lets you hide your shoes away when you want to. 

Ultimately, you are free to make it look exactly the way that you want it to, which is also the great thing about it.

6- A Shoe Cabinet

Show Cabinet

A shoe cabinet is a piece of furniture designed especially for shoes. It presents itself as a large shelf, but each drawer when opened reveals several layers of shoe racks.

If you like to keep your shoes out of sight, then this might well be an option for you. Not only does it make your space look more uncluttered, those cabinets can also host a surprising number of shoes!

Bear in mind that some people do prefer to be able to see their shoes out in the open, especially when they have beautiful pairs to showcase. If this is not your case however, then we recommend this as a solid space-saving option.

5- Hanging Shoe Organizer

hanging shoe organizer

If you're looking for a shoe rack solution that will save a serious amount of space, then a hanging shoe organizer is for you.

Those pieces come in a number of sizes, the bigger ones being able to cover up the whole space of a door. They can even hold up to 12 pairs of shoes, which should be enough for the average collection.

They are typically made up of fabric and easy to install: simply hang them over the door. If possible, try to find a hanging shoe organizer with clear casing, as it will make it a lot easier to see your shoes at a glance.

4- Clear Boxes

shoe clear boxes

For those who really take pride in their shoe collection, keeping shoes in clear boxes is a great way to keep them organized. Not only does the clear casing allow you to see your shoes and showcase them like a work of art, they also keep your shoes safe from the elements.

If you have a beloved pair of sneakers which you only wear a couple of times a year— this is the solution for you! Those clear shoe boxes will keep your shoes safe from dust, heat, mites etc. essentially keeping them in the same state as when you first bought them.

Whether you want those boxes on display in your living room, or to use them as under bed shoe storage is entirely up to you. And did we mention they look pretty good?!

3- Shoe Rack Bench

shoe rack bench

A shoe rack bench is a great piece of furniture to have in the hallway.

This multi-purpose item holds up your shoes while giving you something to sit on while you put them on. It's especially good for those families with small children who find it hard to put their shoes on by themselves, and it can be perfect if you are trying to get rid of that pesky hallway chair that keeps getting in the way.

We recommend you choose one that is made of wood for a homely feel, and a more solid build. You may even be able to find one with a wooden top and metal racks.

This is a great option as it allows you to sit on something comfortable, while the metal remains easy to clean should your shoes bring mud onto the rack.

2 - Classic Metal Shoe Rack

metal shoe rack

We've all seen metal racks being used to store shoes, and that is for a good reason. They are practical, can fit many shoes, and are easy to clean if you are going to use them to store snow boots or gardening shoes.

In a hallway, they are both expected and a pleasant surprise. You could even use the rack to hold other accessories like umbrellas or shoehorn. And don't think that there is just one look you can achieve with a metal shoe rack. Nowadays, you'll be able to find beautiful pieces in copper, gold, or patina effect.

Make sure to find a rack that suits the size of your or your household's shoe collection and you're good to go!

#1- COMPONO Shoe Organizer

Designed with ease of use in mind, our COMPONO under bed shoe organizer is a great option if you want to keep your shoes compact and be able to see them all at a glance!

It presents itself as a large, flat cube with a clear plastic top. Each piece holds up to 12 pair of shoes, helping you compact them while leaving them space to breathe.

The clear top allows you to see all your pairs of shoes at a glance, which can be especially useful if you are using more than one organizer. The box is made out of durable material, meaning that it is meant to be opened and closed as often as you want without wearing down.

Finally, the size of it makes it perfect for under bed shoe storage, making it ideal for smaller spaces, and for those shoe addicts who can't seem to find more space for their collection!


When it comes to storing your shoes, your options are pretty much limitless. We hope that this list has given you a sense of the possibilities, and made you aware of things you may want to consider when choosing how you will organize your shoes.

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