Maximizing the Use of Space in Your Laundry Room

One of the smallest rooms/spaces in the house that is often not given a lot of attention when it comes to its design or layout is the laundry room. It’s not exactly the most important room in the house, but it sure deserves some of our attention as it is where our clothes are washed and dried.

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laundry basket on the wooden floor

Space Invaders

Since it’s a tiny room, the biggest challenge is how to maximize the space so you can do your washing and drying chores efficiently. The biggest occupants of the room are your washing machine and clothes dryer. Some laundry rooms also have a laundry tub for hand-washing delicate articles of clothing like sweaters.

iron and ironing board

The remaining space is then allotted for storage and perhaps an ironing board.

Pushed for Space

Since space is the biggest challenge in a laundry room, the main thing you have to deal with is configuration. The placement of the largest occupants of the room (washing machine and dryer) is vitally important as it will determine the placement of the other things there and how much available space will be left.

white washer and dryer outside

Aside from space for your washing machine, clothes dryer, laundry tub and ironing board, be sure to also leave space enough for your hampers or laundry basket to fit in. Since it’s a small room, all of the equipment you’ll use, including the hampers, should be placed against the wall and never in the middle of the room.

Storage Ideas

Again, the key to having a well-laid-out laundry room is to make use of every available space, as long as nothing gets in your way as you walk around that tiny room.

For your laundry supplies, you can put up a hanging wire storage rack. It’s where you can store your detergent, dryer sheets and whatever laundry paraphernalia you use. You can also mount hooks where you can hang your lingerie or or other small items of clothing.

clothes hanging on a rack

Use the ceiling, too. Since it’s about maximizing space, you can also hang a drying rack from the ceiling (this is not a good option, however, if you have a very low ceiling in your laundry room).

If you have a square foot of space left, you can also use COMPONO’s Storage Bags for Clothes in multiple colors (Grey, Patterned, White) where you can quickly put your dried clothes and move them easily to your bedroom.

If there are unused corners, you can use them to put up shelves where you can store your laundry supplies and other necessary items you need.

Still lacking space? Use the back of your laundry room’s door, where you can mount simple COMPONO Hooks or racks where you can put your other supplies.

As a final tip, if you’re not washing a huge volume of clothes regularly, get a washing machine and clothes dryer that are not too big so they don’t unnecessarily take up a huge space.

Our priority is to clean and make sure that Washing Your Bed Sheets is at top of your list. Find out here!

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